Traducción de quickie en Español:


uno rápido, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɪki//ˈkwɪki/



  • 1

    uno rápido
    una rápida
    (divorce) (before noun) rápido
    just a quickie solo una preguntita
    • let's have a quickie (sex) echémonos un polvito
    • Another magazine article revealed that when women want to have a fling they will pick a tall, dark and handsome type, thinking that guy doesn't want commitment because of this apparent statistic and therefore worth a quickie.
    • It's an extremely physical performance: invariably attired in long, flowing caftans, easily whipped off for a game of squash, or a quickie before dinner, Ted is not only comfortable with his own nakedness, he revels in it.
    • She admits they've had to make some compromises - like having more quickies (luckily, she's always been fast) - but she doesn't mind.
    • Facilitated by Bluetooth-enabled phones, Brits send phone messages and photos to other ‘toothers’ within 100 feet and hook up for anonymous quickies.
    • Mary is undeterred; if she can't have sex with him, then she'll just have a quickie, damn it: she goes for his pants and he squeals like a girl - or like I do when Anne asks me if I know how horses eat grass.
    • So when he started snoring softly after the explosive five am quickie, I felt relieved and happy: at least something good can come out of my being such a sex fiend.
    • It was a hot spot reminiscent of the dark room where people went for quickies.
    • She was everything to him, and now, his life of quickies and one-night stands with babes seems empty.
    • Then there is Helen, a sensual artiste who is also unhappy with the dudes in her life, although heaven knows she's having enough quickies with them.
    • Taking time means that while quickies are fun, really satisfying sex lasts a lot longer than 15 minutes.
    • One woman admitted (it was confirmed by her photo) that she was past her best and was only looking for someone to meet her for a quickie in the steam room, where she wouldn't have to bear close scrutiny.
    • Erotica is like a quickie; you just knock out a quick, hot little story.
    • Or maybe it's because those baggy pants come on and off so easily - they beg for a quickie.
    • Whether you are just stopping by for a quickie after work, celebrating a special occasion with family and friends, or simply out on the town, you won't want to miss out on one of Clouds Downtown's infamous Martinis.
    • Let the last word rest with the Italian ambassador, Luigi Amaduzzi: ‘I asked the barmaid for a quickie.’
    • There was a knock on the door and Adam asked, jokingly, ‘Are you two love birds done with that quickie yet?’
    • Just a quickie tonight - I think it's only right and respectful on Australia Day to crack open a can of Fosters and celebrate with our friends on the other side of the world!
    • However during the first half I had to nip to the loo twice and on each journey I slugged another quickie of Rioja down.
    • If you're going to do that, you might as well just have a quickie in your parents' laundry room or something.
    • I have friends who have fallen pregnant several times after a quickie with someone from a nightclub or wherever and the result has been an un-wanted pregnancy.
    • We live together, and I think that there should be more than maybe a once a week quickie.
    • Hmm... 5 years together now, and it's holding fairly steady at about once a week (and normally a quickie at that).
    • It's not that I mind a quickie; it's just not enough.