Traducción de quilt en Español:


edredón, n.

Pronunciación /kwɪlt//kwɪlt/


  • 1

    edredón masculino
    acolchado masculino Río de la Plata
    cobija femenino México
    continental quilt edredón (nórdico) masculino
    • He had a quilt to keep him warm while he traveled and has a family waiting for him when he arrives at Walter Reed Army Medical center.
    • A special thanks to Angie Hayes who came up with the idea and the design for the quilt, purchased the materials and made the templates.
    • He slept on bracken, the only concession to comfort a down quilt and a patch of woollen red plaid, often seen wrapped around him as he went about his business.
    • The two had their own rooms on a king-size bed that had a firm mattress but soft, fluffy pillows with a huge warm quilt and light sheets.
    • A homemade quilt is more than a covering to keep people warm; it is a form of folk art - part of our heritage recalling the ingenuity and creativity of our pioneers.
    • The next morning, she was fast asleep in her warm bed under an old quilt.
    • She could feel the warm quilt wrapping her body, cushioning her bruises.
    • I roll over, snuggling deeper into the warm quilts, hoping to slip back into sleep.
    • Last Saturday's Airing of the Quilts at Northampton was a crafty affair, with 250 handmade quilts lining the main street.
    • Nothing I like more than being warm and cosy under a 2-layered 15 tog quilt.
    • Our room was waiting - window flung open onto a little garden, pink washed walls, faded quilts, towels smelling of fresh air.
    • She buried herself even deeper in the warm quilts.
    • Father stirred fretfully, trying to throw off the heavy quilts.

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (bedspread) acolchar
    (bedspread) acolchonar
    (bedspread) guatear España
  • 2quilted past p

    (jacket/headboard) acolchado
    (jacket/headboard) acolchonado
    (headboard/jacket) guateado España

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    hacer acolchado
    enguatar España