Traducción de quorate en Español:


con quórum, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkwɔːrət//ˈkwɔːreɪt/



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    con quórum
    the meeting isn't quorate no hay quórum en la reunión
    • Obviously the biggest bummer about the AGM going down in flames, again, is that there was no opportunity to reduce the number of people required for a quorate meeting.
    • She said: ‘We cannot proceed with this planning application because we not quorate.’
    • He said: ‘We are having an emergency committee meeting tonight to see if we are quorate.’
    • We are quorate and feel there is no need for us to hold an EGM.
    • After it was announced that the initial meetings would only include 80 delegates, instead of the dialogue's full quorate of 330, the government began playing them down as a mere technical forum.
    • But there won't be a quorate AGM until students vote to lower quorum.
    • But only 100 students turned up to vote at a general meeting, instead of the 300 required to make it quorate.
    • It is reported that the constituency is having difficulty finding enough members to make it quorate.
    • ‘I believe that the student society is glad to have got a quorate meeting, as far as meeting the required business of the society goes,’ he said.
    • I went off to the General Meeting, on the Great Education Reform Bill, which, this week, was quorate, though it was a struggle!
    • This is the first time in over ten years that there has been a quorate emergency general meeting of the student union.