Traducción de quote en Español:


citar, v.

Pronunciación /kwoʊt//kwəʊt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (passage/writer) citar
      (reference number) indicar
      you've been quoted as saying that … se ha afirmado que usted ha dicho que …
      • to quote Scott: 'are the rich different?' al decir de Scott: '¿los ricos son diferentes?'
      • but don't quote me on that pero no estoy absolutamente seguro
      • An unnamed Administration official is quoted as saying, ‘No one thinks the press conference was successful.’
      • The two lines from a poem quoted on the fourth page should have been credited to Dylan Thomas.
      • If an article is written about your business or if you are quoted in an article, find ways for more people to read it.
      • I am not actually quoting him word for word, you know.
      • The deputy judge quoted extensively from the speeches of Lord Nicholls and Lord Hoffmann.
      • ‘I had not the slightest emotional reaction,’ she's quoted as saying.
      • The Daily Telegraph in London quoted one former Defence Ministry official as terming the episode a "cock-up".
      • He quoted directly the relevant paragraph of the federal code, which outlaws paying persons to register or to vote.
      • Witnesses are quoted as saying the troops fired on residents from tank-mounted machine guns.
      • One writer has noted 193 Scripture texts quoted by Patrick; 118 of these from the New Testament.
      • For proof look no further than last week's UK Press Gazette, which quoted Lord Wakeham's speech at the Bank of Scotland awards.
      • I think it's good when the Senator speaks of God and quotes Old Testament Scripture.
      • Rani, she said, liked to quote William Shakespeare in her notebook, and wrote her own thoughts in it as well.
      • The statement also quoted former manager Judith Maycock, who has not worked at the pub for more than a year-and-a-half.
      • One will just have to assume that the reporter quoted the petite entertainer verbatim.
      • People are being milked for every last dime and scriptures are quoted out of context.
      • We wrote to him and quoted his letter to our reader (claiming no one had challenged the alleged rampant anti-Semitism).
      • I was not taking notes while McCain spoke, so I couldn't quote him verbatim, and did not purport to.
      • I've become quite famous you know, people quote me in newspapers and I get to call Ray Martin ‘Ray my man’ to his face!
      • Diplomats quoted by the agency argued such a move would push Bulgaria's hand on the matter.
      • Spring makes a virtue of necessity, quoting from her letters and conversations extensively.
      • On page 36, Bill Kauffman quotes Ray Bradbury's line that ‘No person ever died that had a family.’
      • And that's not just because Rob autographed my free copy and quoted me on pages 133 and 202!
      • The magazine quotes a plaintiff's lawyer: ‘We'll find out in about 2015.’
      • One widespread method to spice up a report is quoting unspecified diplomatic sources.
      • One young entrant, quoting his father, wrote that his house was ‘built by cowboys’!
      • I will also quote again from the same article, which I think is very good.
      • I will selectively quote what I find interesting; you can find the entire speech here.
      • He is quoted as saying that after listening to the debate he decided not to vote and instead he went for a stroll round the city streets.
      • Their faulty statements were unfortunately also quoted by the media and certain officials outside the mining sector.
      • The document was always referred to as quoting the thoughts of ‘a fifth century Chinese warlord’.
      • One of the things he does when he's writing home is to quote Jane Austen a good deal to his sisters.
      • The reporter extensively quotes a report that was " generated " by a former Australian Recording Industry Association lawyer.
      • In this paper, we quote extensively from the interviews.
      • He is also quoted as saying: ‘I don't think it's possible to stifle your opinions.’
      • ‘It took us a lifetime to build our houses,’ one former resident was quoted as saying in a Reuters report.
      • He quoted Paul Harris' words, ‘This is a changing world, and we must be prepared to change with it.’
      • But he admits that it's favoured by people who, and I quote him word for word, ‘neither speak English nor Spanish properly’.
      • And he worries that reporters might selectively quote from documents or other material they find electronically.
      • The judge then considered and quoted at length from the cross-examination of Mr Kirkland.
      • He then set out his conclusions which I quoted earlier in this judgment.
      • He was once quoted as saying: ‘… that's what I'm proud of being, one of the best shopkeepers on the planet.’

    • 1.2

      (example) dar
      (instance) citar
      they always quoted him as an example siempre lo citaban / lo ponían como ejemplo
      • To support his argument, he quotes opinion polls showing that people in prosperous societies are often unhappy with their lives.
      • ‘I think it's abysmal, and you can quote me on that,’ Roberts said.
      • Payment must be made to the cashier at the above address, quoting our reference.
      • Supporting this statement the authors quote a report of five patients published in 1983 by Miller and coworkers.
      • Your percentages quoted on page 40 make no sense.
      • So it does have something to do with rejecting modern culture as being empty and shallow, you can quote me on that.
      • But all I was doing was quoting the Government Actuary Service's official projection based on immigration of 195,000 a year.
      • Cheques should be made payable to ONS (please quote the reference number above with all correspondence).
      • I was awarded £43.87 pension in June and after writing and quoting your article, I received notification today that it had been increased to £82.59!
      • New Zealand attendees should quote authority code #DOM3674 / 0.
      • None of the books quotes any sources or authorities for its statements, and all have pathetic indexes.
      • Both sides held firmly to their positions, quoting authoritative sources to make out their cases, and exerting themselves to the utmost to try and argue things out.
      • Second, the remarks were only quoted as an example.
      • Well, the article in the accountants' newsletter referred to above quotes an example.
      • Figures are often quoted to buttress preconceived and personal agendas.
      • In her memorandum opinion, Judge Kessler quoted a declaration by Julia Tarver, the counsel for three of the petitioners.
      • As an example he quotes the classical story of Aristippus who, on being shipwrecked on Rhodes, realised that the inhabitants were civilised when he saw a mathematical figure drawn in the sand.
      • A new scientific study was quoted in evidence on Richardson's behalf, decisively.
      • Fruit pastes are also made in the New World; for example, Fannie Farmer quotes peach leather as a speciality of Charleston in S. Carolina.
      • Some readers may have been perturbed by the figures quoted in that article.
      • However, all the contemporary examples she quotes show folk beliefs as an active element of people's lives, not as unchanging fossilised remnants.

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    • 2.1Comercio

      (price) dar
      (price) ofrecer
      (date) proponer
      I've been quoted a lower price elsewhere me han dado / ofrecido un precio más bajo en otro sitio
      • The painter exchanged a bemused look with his assistant, but agreed, quoted a price, and asked what subjects I would like him to paint.
      • However, I think that if the company advertises a service or somebody asks the price, they should be quoted the total price including any fixed fees.
      • ‘As you know, construction prices are going up and when we went out to tender and the prices came in there was some hesitation in awarding at the price that was quoted,’ he said.
      • The playgroup has been quoted a price of £8,000 to £10,000 to reinforce doors with security shutters.
      • She was soon persuaded to have more carpets than she wanted and they brought in some rolls before quoting a price for the work.
      • Of course, I had no idea how much the journey should cost, so assumed I was being quoted an inflated price.
      • Most foreign exchange dealers would simply be quoting prices for a customer.
      • The agent is quoting a guide price of €2.5 million.
      • You have to realize that when they quote you thousands of dollars for some small items, it really isn't much.
      • It adds a fifth to almost every bill we pay in Ireland - one of the highest rates in the EU - but we seldom notice unless we are first quoted a price minus VAT.
      • However, at another travel agent's, discounts were unavailable and a price of £2,488 was quoted for the same holiday.
      • Be warned, two prices are quoted depending on whether you intend to eat in or take away.
      • The agent is quoting a selling price of just over €2.5 million for the building, reflecting a net initial yield of 5.51 per cent.
      • Most are based on two adults and two children under 12 sharing a room; if a price is quoted for one child, this is because the accommodation takes only three
      • When asked to bid on a project, I'd quote an impossibly high price for my services, figuring that if I were going to continue to sell my soul, I should at least be well compensated for it.
      • They were quoted a price that was £90 more than the same holiday in the standard brochure covering the same six-month period.
      • Pick a sofa that's the right size for your room - remember prices are often quoted excluding fabric.
      • When property agents quote prices in sterling, allow for fluctuations between sterling and the Irish punt.
      • While other air services quote cheaper prices for Dublin or Cork, travel cost and convenience to these airports should also be factored into the cheap air flight.
      • One is quoting the price for such a plan as ‘from’ £126 a year.

    • 2.2Finanzas

      Acme is being quoted at 130p today Acme (se) ha cotizado hoy a 130 peniques
      • quoted stocks acciones cotizadas / con cotización en Bolsa
      • If you are quoted on the stock exchange, anybody can buy your shares.
      • Companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange are required under stock market listing rules to provide timely information on news that might affect their share price.
      • A large number of Japanese companies are currently quoted on the US Stock Exchange.
      • The company, already quoted on the Toronto stock exchange with a value of about £20m, is raising a further £10m to run a feasibility study at its Colombian gold and silver project.
      • It is made up of the 100 largest companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange by value.

verbo intransitivo

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    (repeat, recite)
    he was quoting from the Bible citaba de la Biblia
    • she can quote from a wide range of writers se sabe (de memoria) citas de un gran número de escritores de todo tipo
    • she said, and I quote … dijo, y lo repito textualmente …



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    cita femenino
    • The quote from his impromptu speech regarding space travel and its relation to human bone deterioration was hilarious.
    • After a thorough examination, the committee members concluded that, in fact, the quotes in the written text did not match the taped comments of the interviews and that the text was grossly distorted.
    • Verbatim quotes from the interviews are included in the profiles.
    • I will start my speech with a quote, which is arguably the most famous in New Zealand's educational history.
    • That's odd, because there's compelling evidence that, at the very least, he fabricated quotes in the speech.
    • This can be seen clearly in the following quote about ‘speech styles’.
    • The sites that have been chosen are listed and described next to each work, with encapsulating quotes or pieces of text narrating central themes for the groups.
    • Its motto is a quote from Martin Luther King: ‘Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.’
    • You can go into any of these great religious texts and pull out quotes randomly here and there to prove all kinds of things.
    • The quote from the acceptance speech, which was delivered shortly before his death, serves to emphasize the consistency of his life and his theory.
    • She is not responsible for the quote from that speech.
    • Although I have not read the actual documents, you have given a substantial overview with numerous quotes from the text - I have a good idea of the arguments made.
    • Last week I said I will give you a few quotes from old budget speeches.
    • Every week, or so, I will post memorable quotes from movies I like.
    • Anyway, I was just looking for the text of his remarks, which I didn't find, but I did find an additional quote from the speech that struck me.
    • The sad thing is that the quotes and slogans are not only dated - but they're stupid.
    • Words in quotation marks are verbatim quotes from the hearing; all others are paraphrase.
    • Their quotes and epigrams take up a sometimes shocking amount of space in columns and essays.
    • Schoolchildren are required to learn vast amounts of quotations by heart, and allusions and quotes are sprinkled throughout everyday speech.
    • The original is unfortunately lost, but quotes from the text can be found in other books.
  • 2

    • 2.1(estimate)

      presupuesto masculino
      to ask for a quote pedir un presupuesto
      • to give sb a quote darle / hacerle un presupuesto a algn
      • The group organised for two builders to come and assess the damaged hut shortly after the storm for an insurance quote, but work has still not started.
      • Councillors were last night in closed session considering quotes from different firms for the general repair work.
      • At least this time she obtained several quotes, but it still cost £32,000.
      • Keep in mind that, in most cases, the pricing quoted by vendors will change based on your service-level requirements, so ask for quotes based on several service level scenarios.
      • He also advises residents to get two or three quotes from different firms.
      • For products from suppliers with e-commerce capabilities, the site also allows users to solicit sample materials, request price quotes, and place purchase orders.
      • Compare quotes from different firms because costs can differ widely.
      • Officials are understood to have approached three internet companies seeking quotes for the cost of setting up advertising software.
      • At that time I received a quote for contents insurance (bearing in mind I live on the second floor) of approximately £11 a month.
      • Then I called my trusty curbside mechanic, who comes to the house with all his tools and equipment in his truck and always provides me with reliable repair service for about a quarter of what the dealer quotes.
      • I suggest individuals not covered by insurance ask for a quote before allowing their vehicle to be towed.
      • Direct comparisons with previous surveys, however, cannot be made as they obtain quotes for different profiles of drivers.
      • The cost of simply getting a quote or estimate for its repair will likely amount to a fair percentage of the replacement cost.
      • The site uses all the main insurance companies in the market, and claims to consistently offer the cheapest quote from its database.
      • By shopping around, you can compare quotes for scores of different plans.
      • He is 18 years old and we have had an insurance quote of £2,847 for a car that is worth £375.
      • By using standard units of measurement on every project and by keeping close records of other material cost quotes, you may not even need to ask suppliers for prices.
      • I got a great insurance quote, which is really the last thing I have to provide before we close.
      • He is now awaiting an insurance quote to ascertain the cost of repairing damage to both the statue and its foundations.
      • Once you have an idea of the areas where you'd like concrete to be poured, contact service professionals to get quotes.

    • 2.2(on stock market)

      cotización femenino
      • C &C, owners of Bulmers, is heading for stock market quote.
      • This plan has involved disposing of non-core assets and seeking separate stock market quotes for businesses that can be ring-fenced.
      • So United are finding out that a stock market quote has a downside as well as an upside.
      • Other Irish companies with stock market quotes in the US have also suffered heavy downgrades by the market.

  • 3quotes plural

    (quotation marks)
    comillas femenino
    in / between quotes entre comillas
    • I put this in quotes because that phrase was once used quite a bit in America.
    • Most spreadsheets will automatically enclose text cells with quotes when exported in CSV format.
    • The movement of the networks into primetime with ‘news,’ and I put news in quotes, is a different kind of news.
    • Throughout the text, double quotes are used when citing literally.