Traducción de racetrack en Español:


circuito, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪsˌtræk//ˈreɪstrak/


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    (for cars)
    circuito masculino
    • ‘No matter what happens on the racetrack, I know that I'll always get some words of advice,’ he said.
    • The changes to the racetrack are very positive.
    • There are three simple rules - don't hit anything, don't break anything and keep the car on the racetrack.
    • You've built racetracks, you've run racetracks, you've been a part of leagues.
    • It's truly the best race in the world and the best racetrack in the world.
    • With multiple cars tightly packed around racetracks, increased visibility was a natural modification.
    • Obviously, winning the first race last year seemed like it all came together, but there's a lot more to it than just the results on the racetrack.
    • It's a tough racetrack, and qualifying is very important.
    • So a racetrack like Milwaukee, being another track that's fairly short and not really steeply banked, it ought to be a pretty difficult place to race?
    • It kind of indicated a couple of times that maybe you missed the competitive atmosphere of the racetrack and the track side. Is that what led you to leave the booth and to definitely get back to racing more on a competitive basis?
    • Our members are statistically amongst the safest people with whom to share a racetrack, with consistently fewer incidents and therefore more track time.
    • This place is probably the best-maintained racetrack on the circuit.
    • Nascar has installed more scoring loops around the racetracks to get a more accurate read on the position of racecars.
    • It all adds up to a difficult day on the racetrack.
    • When they got to a brand-new racetrack, surprisingly everybody adapted to the track.
    • It's not a single-groove racetrack any longer.
    • Silverstone racetrack was the stage for a brand new racing car yesterday.
    • The series is so competitive that an extra second on a pit stop or getting through traffic on the racetrack can mean the difference between finishing first or fourth.
    • The disadvantage is if you don't have them working with you, they know everything you are doing so they have the same possibility and they can take a place in the racetrack from you.
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    (for runners)
    pista de atletismo femenino
    estadio masculino
    • A new all-weather racing surface was installed at the racetrack in 1997 and a new kennel area was built in 1995.
    • Related storms caused extensive damage and killed horses at a racetrack in Kentucky.
    • In return, racetracks are able to track betting patterns and gain marketing information.
    • If my mares produce successful horses on the racetrack then obviously they'll be worth a lot more money, which is why I'm doing it in the long run.
    • But trading options is more like betting on horses at the racetrack.
    • Considering that most fans watch the races on TV rather than from the stands, the racetrack will make or break the reputation of an event.
    • Some minutes after the officials put the green light and the winning bets were paid, rumors about the identity of the winning horse grew at the racetrack.
    • A hotwalker is the name given to the guy at a racetrack who walks hot horses around in a circle to cool them down.
    • Plans call for the demolition of the racetrack and grandstand to provide the necessary space for expansion.
    • Thousands of horses compete at racetracks and at showjumping, eventing, dressage, carriage driving, long distance riding, pony and leisure events.
    • His experiences include evaluating and rehabilitating horses from the racetracks.
    • Soon, he may even take over management of a horse racetrack.
    • The largest obstacles to a comprehensive racing bill are the differing interests of greyhound and horse racetracks.
    • His goal is to reduce the number of catastrophic injuries to horses on the racetrack.
    • An artificial hoof attached to a machine that mimics the pounding of a horse's stride may help researchers discover the safest racetrack surface material for horses.
    • The association plans to open another stud farm and racetrack by 2004.
    • Already there is a museum and a horse racetrack, and last year more than 30,000 tourists visited the desolate area.
    • The move was necessary due to a need for larger stables and paddocks, a training area for a mechanical horse, a full racetrack, and living quarters for out-of-town students.
    • This is not a new situation for Texas's owners, trainers, breeders, and racetrack operators.
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    (for cycles)
    velódromo masculino
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    (for greyhounds)
    canódromo masculino
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