Traducción de raceway en Español:


canal, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪsˌweɪ//ˈreɪsweɪ/



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    (for water) canal masculino
    (for cables) tubería de servicio femenino
    • For this study we used randomly caught fish from our raceways that originated primarily from two of these sites, Bylas Spring and Cienega Creek.
    • The most probable cause is that birds swimming in the East Fork of the Carson River, which flows behind the hatchery, carried dirt or water into the fish raceways.
    • They can also be used to conceal and protect existing lamp cords, wires, or cables inside their channels, called raceways.
    • Raised in freshwater tanks and weaned on to fishmeal pellets, fry are transferred to earth ponds or gravel raceways fed by rivers.
    • The structural elements that support the overall tabletop also act as raceways and interconnections for all our electrical work.
    • The traps are intricate, with raceways, loops, funnels, breakwaters, and arrowheads to direct and trap the fish.
    • Farm-raised trout put on muscle as they swim against the gentle, steady current that runs through the tanks, ponds, or channel-like raceways they grow up in.
    • Floor duct systems are a network, or grid, of metal raceways with channels that can accommodate both electrical wiring and technology cable.
    • This raceway in the Communications Building holds new ‘high-speed’ wiring that can handle communication speeds of 1,000 million bits per second.
    • The water feeds a series of raceways where the trout mature and several fishing lakes, as well as driving a hydro-electric power plant to supply all the park's electricity needs.
    • Examples include power poles and surface raceway systems that carry cabling from the main system to individual access points.
    • Another wiring and cabling approach that can accommodate retrofit applications is the perimeter raceway system.
    • This was done in stacked, shallow raceways, a system that had been used previously with turbot and spotted wolfish, but never with halibut previously.
    • Two of the raceways will have a 1-percent slope, while the other pair will have a 2-percent slope, to check the effect of slope and flow on algal production.
    • The project also includes rehabilitation of water intake screens, auxiliary mechanical equipment and electrical equipment, electrical cabling, electrical raceways, cable trays and control systems.
    • All cable types - analog audio, analog video, data and digital audio - are in individual bundles but share the same raceway.
    • Problems in routing the electrical and communication systems were solved by installing an underfloor electrical raceway system that allows a flexible means of routing power, phone, data and fiber optic cables.
    • He used freshwater raceway systems to measure how much time was required for fish to eliminate off-flavor.
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    (for horses) pista de carreras femenino
    (for cars) autódromo masculino
    (for cars) circuito de carreras masculino
    (for cars) circuito automovilístico masculino
    • There's three track styles, raceways, streets, and off road, so there's somewhat different driving styles.
    • The banger drivers will be in cars with engines less than two litres in size but the wrecking will be as dramatic as ever, says a raceway spokesman.
    • He said the bikes had slid off the track into ‘a big open space ‘and had not hit any of the raceway infrastructure.’
    • The silver Porsche zoomed around the corner of the local raceway, two helmeted racers inside.
    • Well, the previous day I'd taken it on a hard lap of the extraordinarily beautiful Laguna Seca raceway, which, because it's the curliest track in North America, is regarded by racing drivers all over the world as one of the greats.
    • Now, the best you can hope for is to see them on a dirt track at a raceway.
    • Billboards line the shoulders of roads heading toward the raceway, and a media blitz is in full swing to build anticipation.
    • It's a miracle that someone wasn't killed or seriously injured when the raceway gates banged open shortly before 7 a.m., said those caught in the crush.
    • The raceway setting also provides for a more relaxed atmosphere as students and officers routinely engage in casual conversation and form relationships that extend beyond the dragstrip.
    • Our goal is for the spectators to be entertained for four hours not only by the racing, but also by the raceway.
    • I was out with my wife and two daughters having a wonderful time at a remote-controlled car raceway on a quiet Saturday night.