Traducción de radar trap en Español:

radar trap


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    zona de velocidad controlada por radar femenino
    • For the motorist with a licence laden with penalty points there is the option of acquiring a perfectly legal piece of kit to detect police radar traps.
    • Police and transport bosses have promised immediate action after a radar trap set up by the Manchester Evening News caught bus drivers travelling at alarming speeds through crowded city centre streets.
    • Still, demands persisted for speed cameras, radar traps, sleeping policemen, chicanes and other traffic management.
    • An oncoming car flashing its headlights means one of two things only - either ‘After you’ at an intersection, or ‘Watch out, the coppers have a radar trap down the road!’
    • Once upon a time you could drive around with a radar detector so you knew where the radar traps were.
    • There would be no speed cameras by the side of the road, and no police radar traps to watch out for.
    • As soon as one car spots a radar trap, all the cars know about it and can take appropriate action, as in slow down so that they do not get a speeding ticket.
    • The speed cameras and radar traps are totally indiscriminate, they do not take into account road conditions.
    • If we do not take more responsibility for the way we drive and behave on the roads, the authorities will be forced to install cameras, speed humps and radar traps on all our roads.
    • Police in Maine, Maryland, California, and Florida resort to posing as traffic engineers or drivers of disabled vehicles to spring radar traps on motorists.
    • With a keen eye for state police manning radar traps we roared north, eventually making it back to Vancouver by late afternoon.
    • I came over the brow of a hill to find six motorbike police leaning on the garden wall and picking off their victims for passing through a radar trap.
    • I believe these officers would much rather be doing something more exciting in their shift than sit in a van all day looking at vehicles who slow down when they see the obvious photo radar trap.
    • A recent radar trap in our area caught someone who was driving at 104 mph in a 60 mile limit.
    • A French motoring magazine caught the transport and interior ministers speeding on their way to a press conference to launch the first automatic radar traps on French highways.
    • In a way similar to the radar traps, with which the police identifies speeding cars, the relativistic speeds of iron atoms circling the Black Hole can be measured through a shift in wavelength of their light.