Traducción de radiation therapy en Español:

radiation therapy

radioterapia, n.


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    radioterapia femenino
    • An oncology consultant suggested radiation therapy for the lung lesion and head.
    • She was offered palliative chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
    • Prior radiation therapy was acceptable, but prior chemotherapy for metastatic disease was not allowed.
    • Many patients suffer physical complications, such as infections or toxicity from intensive chemotherapy and radiation treatment, he said.
    • The final 3 chapters describe the surgical management, as well as the medical and radiation treatment, of endocrine tumors.
    • Radiotherapists will recommend radiation therapy, urologists will recommend surgery for the same clinical stage in the disease.
    • If the cancer has spread, treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy may shrink the tumor but not cure it.
    • Your doctor can help you understand the changes you're about to go through as you start your chemotherapy or radiation treatment.
    • Children who have had chemotherapy or radiation treatment for a prior cancer episode may also have an increased risk of cancer.
    • Chemotherapy starts during radiation treatment and continues until transplantation.
    • The lining of the mouth can become inflamed and ulcers might form during chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
    • The entire team then leaves the room, and the radiation treatment, which usually lasts one to two minutes, is delivered.
    • Typically, these cancers respond very well to chemotherapy and radiation therapy.
    • These reactions will go away a few weeks after the last radiation treatment.
    • The radiation treatment destroys the tumor cells and suppresses the function of the stem cells in preparation for the transplant.
    • Conversely, patients whose genes efficiently counteracted chemotherapy and radiation treatment had shorter survival times overall.
    • Oncology nurses help educate each patient and family about the radiation treatment, and they provide emotional support to the patients.
    • The radiation treatment helps kill any cancer cells that have spread from the lump to nearby tissue.
    • Chemotherapy and total-body radiation therapy given as part of a bone marrow transplant can cause diarrhea.
    • The anesthesia care provider focused a television camera on Mr T's monitors and connected it to the television monitor in the hallway to observe his vital signs during delivery of the radiation treatment.