Traducción de radiator grille en Español:

radiator grille

rejilla del radiador, n.


Motor Vehicles

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    rejilla del radiador femenino
    máscara (del radiador) femenino Chile
    • A front spoiler, side skirts, radiator grille and sports exhaust with a specially-designed heat shield give the cabrio Brabus an elegant look.
    • The engine is mounted as far forward as possible without bits of it actually sticking out of the radiator grille, and the power is fed to all four wheels.
    • The single-frame radiator grille necessitated the redesign of the air flow at the car's front section.
    • Rising from the radiator grille, a prominent bulge in the hood runs to the base of the windscreen.
    • Its central element is the single-frame radiator grille, the outer chrome ring of which surrounds the painted grey fins of the grille with horizontal chrome strips.
    • One glance at that dramatic V-shaped radiator grille is enough to tell you that this is an Alfa Romeo.
    • Front end appeal is set off by new mesh radiator grilles, larger bumpers and tear-shaped front lamps.
    • In return, we became even more devious, hiding the detector behind the radiator grilles, or inside the sun visors.
    • With the face-lift, all variations of the Vios come with newly designed wheel discs, bumpers, radiator grilles and head, front fog and rear lamps.
    • Fully pre-assembled door modules and front-end modules with integrated headlights and radiator grille are delivered precisely to the section of the assembly line at which they are needed.
    • For example, the radiator grille is bolder, with large-honeycomb-mesh, while the bumper grille also carries the projector-style fog lamps.
    • Design is influenced by a bold facia and radiator grille, clear glass Xenon Plus headlamps and massive wheels fitted with run-flat tyres.
    • With its sloping, streamlined front and absence of a radiator grille, attention is focused on the diamond logo.
    • The Nissan Primastar will have the same design but will feature a different radiator grille, indicators and seats.
    • He knew it would require an extreme wide angle lens, a grad filter for the sky and to position the truck so the sunlight hit the radiator grille at an angle.
    • The radiator grille has been redesigned, and is now taller and steeper.
    • Audi may, in the future, be making a bold statement with larger, uninterrupted radiator grilles, but the current front end is tidy and timeless.
    • Both variants now have a horizontal radiator grille; in the old models the Altis G had a vertical grille.
    • Use a soft-bristled brush to get into tricky areas such as the radiator grille and around lamp clusters.
    • The smaller engined car is distinguished from the larger engined V8 model as it has a black radiator grille, instead of a chrome one.