Traducción de radical chic en Español:

radical chic

intelectualismo izquierdista, n.


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    intelectualismo izquierdista masculino
    • But these were largely radical chic, middle-class affairs, fought to an agenda.
    • Beard, beret, curly hair and bandana knotted round his throat, he was the epitome of a certain type of radical chic, rivalling that of James Dean, and his image is to be found on the walls of student rooms even today.
    • It's for people from the suburbs who think Monet is far-out radical chic or don't know that abstract expressionism is passé.
    • This time, he had gone too far with a mixed-up-media theater piece that took religion, pop culture, radical chic, symphonic pretension, and sheer gall to new extremes of bad taste.
    • Derrida, who taught at Harvard and the Sorbonne, became the epitome of radical chic in the intellectual world of the 1970s and 1980s with his controversial theories.
    • Bernstein, who later personified radical chic in his support of the Black Panthers, would never return to the attitude of ‘Krupke.’
    • Hiding beneath the mask of radical chic lies a deeply sentimental story.
    • The poem is perhaps intended to be taken with a pinch of salt, but there is no mistaking its air of radical chic.
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    the radical chic el radical chic