Traducción de radio-controlled en Español:


de control remoto, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈˌreɪdioʊ kənˈtroʊld//ˌreɪdɪəʊkənˈtrɒld/


  • 1

    (model) de control remoto
    (model) con radiomando
    (model) teledirigido
    radio-controlled taxi radiotaxi masculino
    • The first radio-controlled toy car appeared in 1955.
    • The puppets and sequences rely on a system built on servos motors of the kind used in radio-controlled aircraft to position control surfaces like the elevators and rudders.
    • The cash is part of money raised through sponsorship for the team's effort to build and race a radio-controlled car in the annual tournament which they won last year.
    • The school bell will also be replaced by radio-controlled clocks in each classroom.
    • On Monday at 2pm a man successfully managed to escape from the shop with a £120 radio-controlled car after asking to have a close look at it.
    • The latest promotion from Maxol is just the thing for the school holidays: mini racer radio-controlled models.
    • The remote controlled variation works much like a child's radio-controlled toy.
    • But the past few days when I've been blogging I've looked out the window and seen a small boy walk past with a radio-controlled car.
    • This radio-controlled clock satisfies my need for accuracy, plus it projects the time onto my bedroom ceiling.
    • During his PhD studies at Canterbury University in the early 1980s, Dr Alexander worked on amphibious designs and made his own radio-controlled model.
    • Now, if you just want to tell the time, you can pay £30 and get a radio-controlled clock that will tell the time to one millionth of a second, which is great.
    • A Venturi chemical injector and radio-controlled valves are connected directly to the irrigation line leading to the green, regulating the chemical applications.
    • This target simulator was eventually adapted for simulations of the guidance of a radio-controlled missile.
    • The family argues that he would still be alive if his regiment had been equipped with up-to-date technology that would have stopped the radio-controlled bomb from being detonated.
    • One of their first luxuries was a trip to Disneyland and their three children were given treats - the two girls wanting new shoes and their son a radio-controlled car.
    • And later this month some of the country's top drivers of radio-controlled stock cars are converging on Marley for a Champion of Champions meeting.
    • One can still appreciate the incredible cleverness that went into the illusion, especially the use of radio-controlled devices and early animatronics.
    • Everyone liked the robots, some of which looked hardly human, but which nevertheless moved around in response to signals from handheld radio-controlled devices.
    • It's also fun for all age-groups, and people will be able to either bring along their own radio-controlled cars or hire them here.
    • He had designed, built and flown his own radio-controlled model airplane.