Traducción de radio frequency en Español:

radio frequency

radiofrecuencia, n.


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    radiofrecuencia femenino
    • Now it is possible to coherently link the radio frequency and optical domains with a supercontinuum comb of frequencies.
    • Various parameters like temperature, pressure and positions are transmitted through a wireless radio frequency via the CAN protocol.
    • Later the lack of a common radio frequency among some units leaves Marines powerless to prevent another unit from firing on defenseless civilians.
    • Police were forced to listen to 90 minutes of jokes after at least two men took over their radio frequency as a practical joke.
    • This is because the signal is essentially a radio frequency operating in the 2.4GHz range.
    • A cordless phone uses a radio frequency to communicate with its base, which is then tethered to the plain old telephone network.
    • Each daily contact began with Hamilton announcing a number, which referred to a personal code known only by Hamilton and Pole-Evans and led both to retune to a specific radio frequency.
    • Frequency assignment is the licensing of an individual radio frequency in a particular geographic area.
    • Each group had its own radio frequency and had no knowledge of the frequencies used by the others.
    • Which radio frequency will the first responder use?
    • Using the same radio frequency as fancy wireless headphones, this device comes in two parts.
    • The circuit provides an exact decoding result even when the pause period of the received radio frequency varies over a predetermined range.
    • She tunes her tracking device to the specific radio frequency, points the antennae and listens for the beeps to grow louder as the turtle gets closer.
    • The command post was playing the national anthem over their radio frequency when we finally taxied as a four-ship for the deployment departure.
    • It has a life span of around 20 years, lies dormant until a scanner is passed over it, and sends out a low-range radio frequency.
    • Some people might decide to poster their town with posters that announce Air America's arrival and the radio frequency.
    • By buying an additional receiver, anyone could pick up a radio frequency with a GPS position corrected to within several meters of accuracy.
    • While climbing, my instructor quickly directed me to switch to the small-deck radio frequency to get ahead of the game.
    • It also was a snap to set up: Just plug the tiny unit into your iPod's headphone jack, then press a button to set the radio frequency.
    • Partygoers tune into a restricted radio frequency through which the music of the DJ is broadcast.