Traducción de radiogram en Español:


radiograma, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪdɪə(ʊ)ɡram//ˈreɪdioʊˌɡræm/


  • 1

    radiograma masculino
    radiotelegrama masculino
    • Subsequent reports confirmed the news, and at 0700 MacArthur received a radiogram from Washington authorizing him to implement war plans against Japan.
    • The draft budget was approved without challenge reportedly after the council received a radiogram from the Ministry of Home Affairs urging it to approve the draft.
  • 2Britanico

    radiogramola femenino
    radiogramófono masculino
    • And like hearing a familiar song on the radiogram, John found himself, but again… alone.
    • Everyone was in awe - how could such a small device be so powerful as to do everything the much larger radiogram could?
    • I bought every 12-inch mix of the single that was available, and played them endlessly on the useless radiogram that comprised my state of the art hi-fi at the time.
    • He once went out to buy a stylus for an old record player and came back with a radiogram.
    • If you bought a sound system (as I believe radiograms are now known) from Clydesdale, you qualified for a weekend at a Forte hotel.
    • In the hands of an inebriated amateur at the Hogmanay party, it would have you rushing to put a Billy Eckstine or Fats Domino record on the radiogram.
    • The old radiogram my parents had is now just a bad memory.
    • One year, she bought the radiogram.
    • Althoff grew up next to an old Bakelite Kreisler radiogram.
    • For an outlay of 41 guineas, you could have a new radiogram, it promised, and 11 guineas bought the latest thing in radios - a transistor.
    • We could gather around the radiogram, and later the television, or put a record on the gramophone and no one had to spend years practising.
    • On the Saturday they went out shopping and I was aquiver with excitement, soon the disc would be in my hands and blaring out of the radiogram!
    • And wind-up gramophones were all the general population could afford - the first generation of electric radiograms were as expensive as cars.
    • It must have been a pivotal year because I've had cause to reflect on my Melbourne Cup history this week and the win by Polo Prince in 1964 is the first I recall listening to on the radiogram.
    • I once got a stack of about ten albums, discovered inside an old radiogram my parents bought at an auction for the princely sum of £4.50.
    • My father's friend had a radiogram, a huge beast that incorporated a radio and a record player for 78s.
    • It was between the settee and the coffee table, over towards the radiogram, away from the bookcase, right under the light fitting.
    • When my parents thought I was doing homework, I would lie underneath our radiogram and listen to his music.
    • Back in the early fifties people across the land followed the Redex trial intently, listening in for updates in the daily news broadcasts from their valve radiograms.
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