Traducción de radiograph en Español:


radiografía, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪdioʊˌɡræf//ˈreɪdɪə(ʊ)ɡrɑːf/


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    radiografía femenino
    • An abdominal 3-way radiograph the day of admission revealed air fluid levels as well as a new opacity in his peripheral loft lower lung field.
    • In the third quarter of 1993, he initiated an analysis of the errors made by emergency physicians in interpreting radiographs at his hospital.
    • The participants were familiar with the digital format, as both conventional film radiographs and digital radiographs are used in Russia.
    • A physical examination and plain radiographs of the knee should follow.
    • The radiologists who read the radiographs at each institution were blinded to the results of the Ottawa knee rule assessment.
    • Those persons should receive a chest radiograph and medical evaluation for TB disease.
    • The radiographer marks all abnormal radiographs with a red dot.
    • The chest radiograph and computed tomographic scan of the head, abdomen, and pelvis were within normal limits.
    • Patients' medical records, chest radiographs, and computerized laboratory values were reviewed.
    • This may be misinterpreted as a new air leak, especially if compared with preoperative radiographs or in ignorance of the history of previous surgery.
    • This was concluded by the comparison of preoperative and postreconstruction standing radiographs.
    • A chest radiograph and computed tomographic scan of his abdomen and pelvis revealed no secondary lesions.
    • For practical reasons, the radiographs and the respiratory pressures could not be obtained simultaneously.
    • In patients with pulmonary hypertension, more frequent chest radiographs to assess catheter position may be indicated.
    • Preoperative radiographs and MRI scans were obtained in all patients.
    • She also was noted to have a markedly thickened calvarium on both radiographs and computed tomographic scan at 6 years old.
    • Plain radiographs are less sensitive for metastatic lesions than are other imaging tests.
    • Presence of cardiomegaly on the chest radiograph may be the only diagnostic clue and echocardiography may reveal pericardial effusion.
    • The 7 cases in older children were found to have cystic lesions on radiographs in the course of 1 or more bouts of pneumonia.
    • Chest radiographs and a scintigraphic bone scan were negative.
    • All patients were followed with regular physical examinations and chest radiographs after discharge from the hospital.