Traducción de raffia en Español:


rafia, n.

Pronunciación /ˈræfiə//ˈrafɪə/


  • 1also raffia palm

    rafia femenino
  • 2

    rafia femenino
    • Three of us shared that space; half of the cell was taken up by the bed - a raised concrete platform with raffia mats.
    • Using palm fronds braided into long strips that are then sewn together, the island women make hats, baskets, purses, and other items, often decorating them with raffia paper and seashells.
    • Walls were covered in raffia to add the sensory appeal of touch and depth.
    • All are dressed in raffia skirts - one wears an additional skirt made of leaves - and four participants wear raffia capes.
    • Oly's interpretation of the traditional oval-armchair appears fresh in a creamy finish with raffia upholstery and nailhead trim.
    • One strip of raffia about a foot long was slipped through the holes in the front of the parfleche from the inside, pulled even and glued into place.
    • I placed our raffia sleeping mats at the corners of the room, next to our bags and food.
    • Traditional crafts have also had a long tradition of importance for items such as pottery, handwoven cloth, carved stools, raffia baskets, and gold jewelry.
    • You can accent the ornament with twine or raffia bows.
    • A collar made of raffia is tied to the cap and the liana.
    • I slipped on some raffia flip-flops and went down to the gardens.
    • There are nine tables covered with blue and white check tablecloths with clean contrasting raffia place mats, with comfortable cane chairs.
    • Brylee threw the role of raffia into the basket she was pushing, and the two continued walking.
    • Indian paintings adorn the walls, the floors are tiled, and the chairs are heavy wood as are the tables, which are topped with raffia place mats.
    • Wrapped in a letter-pressed, raffia cover, all the material is printed as is, with individual handwriting and unique syntactical quirks intact.
    • A set of raffia strings connect the skins on either end.
    • The Dakpogan forge is a land where raffia fibers become bicycle chains and cowry shells become sparkplugs - semantic equivalencies with a cutting edge.
    • Stitch the sides of the pouch together using raffia strands.
    • ‘Besides the cans of insecticide, we also spotted a pair of scissors, a razor blade and raffia string,’ said the chief of Police.
    • Floral artists form perfect nosegays with bundled stems wrapped and tied in raffia ribbons.