Traducción de rain gauge en Español:

rain gauge

pluviómetro, n.


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    pluviómetro masculino
    • The lake acts somewhat like a huge rain gauge, so that lake level is a proxy for precipitation.
    • At the weather station Alexander discovered that the data line from the rain gauge had been cut yet again - the third time in a year, the second time in four days.
    • Precipitation was registered at the study site with a standard rain gauge.
    • A Met Office spokesman said its rain gauge in Huddersfield had recorded 35 mm of rainfall - the equivalent of two weeks' rainfall in two hours.
    • Finally, if rainfall occurs during the growing season, make sure you have a rain gauge near your field to know how much moisture you received.
    • Students recorded the day's temperature, checked the rain gauge, and measured the positions of the sun and moon in the sky overhead.
    • In Clermont, torrential rain began on the evening of Wednesday 27 December, and though the rain gauge overflowed, some 460 mm fell.
    • Last month his rain gauge measured a mere 33 ml, compared with the August average of about 180 ml.
    • Of course by the next morning the ground was completely dry and parched; the rain gauge showed the fall amounted to 1mm.
    • Use a rain gauge as shown to measure the amount of water actually applied, and test for adequate soil moisture by pushing a screwdriver through the sod.