Traducción de rainforest en Español:


selva tropical (húmeda), n.


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    selva tropical (húmeda) femenino
    bosque ecuatorial masculino
    bosque pluvial masculino
    • Imagine the Scottish moors with temperate rainforests and sinuous rivers, and you have Tasmania.
    • Eurycoma longifolia is a rainforest plant that has a long history of use as a medicinal herb.
    • The small area of tropical rainforests has such a profusion of endemic species that most of them were placed on the World Heritage list in the 1980s.
    • These birds inhabit coastal rainforests and wooded areas where they can easily fly, hop or climb from tree to tree.
    • The drop in global temperature also reduces the tropical rainforests in the Amazon Basin to small ribbons running along the rivers.
    • By cutting down the rainforest you are destroying an entire ecosystem of both plants and animals.
    • Lions can also live, with wider ranges, in most habitats except in tropical rainforests and in deserts.
    • As we trudged through the dense rainforest we spotted several species of birds and pitcher plants.
    • Light can be blinding on the high altitude salt flats, or dense and green in the rainforest.
    • Its rainforests have never been cleared for timber or replaced with sugar plantations.
    • Over the past 30 years, the world has lost fully a fifth of all biodiverse tropical rainforests.
    • Nature buffs will appreciate the lush rainforests and the Misty Fjords National Monument.
    • After travelling out from the capital city, Caracas, they prepared to enter the humid tropical rainforests that cover the country.
    • Made up of dense rainforests, and barren plateaus, it provided the extreme conditions necessary for good combat training.
    • Several kilometres away, a pair of hunters made their way through a temperate rainforest.
    • They are primarily forest birds and live in rainforests of tropical Asia and Africa.
    • The rainforest trek begins on November 4 in a national park to the north of Brasilia, the capital city.
    • The project features an interpretive signage pathway within the rainforest parkland.
    • In nature, orchids usually use trees as an anchor for support, often growing in areas with very high rainfall, such as rainforests.
    • Gardenias are tropical rainforest plants, so do not like to be planted in a full sun environment.