Traducción de rake-off en Español:


tajada, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪ ˌkɑf///



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    tajada femenino coloquial
    pellizco masculino España coloquial
    to take / get a rake-off from sth llevarse un pellizco de algo España
    • There will no doubt be other rake-offs involved.
    • Paramilitaries might get a rake-off from counterfeiting, but not a great deal is known about it.
    • ‘If any of the rake-off is used in the future presidential campaign, it will be a serious scandal,’ Sun said.
    • Remind me to mention his name to be sure he gets his rake-off.
    • The gang had been feuding with the Mexican Mafia over who would collect the ‘rent,’ or rake-off of illegal profits from the hustlers near MacArthur Park who trafficked in fake papers for undocumented immigrants.
    • We are taking the risk and he gets to rake-off.