Traducción de rally en Español:


concentración, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrali//ˈræli/

nombrePlural rallies

  • 1

    (mass meeting)
    concentración femenino
    political rally mitin masculino
    • Speeches from the gigantic demonstration in Melbourne were broadcast on satellite television to union rallies in every city and town.
    • Health workers held lunchtime rallies outside several hospitals, including in London, Birmingham and Sheffield.
    • May Day rallies took place around Australia on the May 1-2 weekend.
    • For example, service members as well as government civilians can attend political meetings or rallies.
    • Hundreds of people are expected to turn out today for a mass rally in support of efforts to save the historic Duke of Wellington's Regiment.
    • Demonstrations and mass protest rallies in the early 1990s turned into riots in which several hundred were killed and thousands arrested.
    • My activities went from merely attending meetings, rallies, and protests to organizing them.
    • As part of that effort, Tony backed Earth Day, serving as chair of the April 1970 rally in New York City.
    • Campaigners for cancer services in the South-East are planning protest rallies after the regional health board abandoned its fight for radiotherapy in the region.
    • The Chilean Student Confederation announced plans for mass rallies across the country this Thursday in an escalation of the struggle.
    • Tippe added that the military is also anticipating the likelihood of mass student rallies during the visit.
    • Deming's vision of leadership centres upon coaching and personal development, not holding mass rallies in town squares.
    • The trend among schools and colleges alike to organise peace rallies and cultural programmes to foster a spirit of cultural and national unity amongst their students is steadily on the uptake.
    • We attended meetings and protest rallies during our high school years, and our mother organized a tutoring project for poor children.
    • Her group sends gifts to the troops and holds rallies at Columbia University supporting the war effort.
    • Thousands also attended a protest rally in Castlebar after the opening of the new orthopaedic unit at Mayo General was cancelled.
    • Soldiers were positioned at strategic points in the city and at election rallies where huge crowds gathered.
    • The following is the text of a speech given at an antiwar rally in New York City's Central Park on October 6.
    • Last week, health workers carried out protest rallies at Santiago hospitals and clinics.
    • Activists are holding rallies to raise awareness, urging families to tell schools to keep their personal data private.
  • 2

    rally masculino
    (car/driver) (before noun) de rally
    • Solberg set the pace for the first two days of the rally, winning five stages in a row.
    • Schumacher takes on rally drivers in Race of Champions on BBC
    • ‘This rally is the best of the rough rallies we do,’ said the 30-year-old Finn.
    • I've never seen a rally race route through a city, but TGR makes it look good.
    • After his roll on the Astra Stages rally, Colin Hope had rebuilt his Nova for this event.
    • Amazingly, although set up to tackle the roughest rally terrain in the world, the Group B cars could race on a track as well.
    • Of the three hot, rough rallies in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, this is the best from a drivers' view.
    • Cannonball Run Europe is a timed event and therefore classed as a rally not a race.
    • Antoine Bessette lost his rear wing in the closing laps of the race, but the former rally driver kept firm control of his car and finished in eighth.
    • ‘I enjoy the faster rallies more than the slower ones,’ said 28-year-old Märtin.
    • Since then, the young French driver finished the ten rallies in which he took part, winning four of them, and scored podium points on four other occasions.
    • Like the other two hot gravel rallies, the start order on the opening day is important because there will be loose gravel on the surface which is a big handicap for the first cars.
    • After Sardinia, Cyprus and Turkey, the long tour of Mediterranean gravel rallies that kicked off at the beginning of April will end over the sun-baked tracks of central Greece.
    • But the Estonian's chances were wrecked by a puncture on the longest stage of the rally, which he had to stop and change.
    • Rowlands freely admits he feels inexperienced on tarmac rallies and that he is still on a steep learning curve.
    • It is a happy medium between the two featuring rally road races, closed circuits and other challenging environments.
    • They will also continue to compete in historic road rallies.
    • The rally consisted of 22 stages run over 3 days in mainly dry conditions.
    • He only encountered a problem on the penultimate stage of the rally, when his gearbox seized.
    • The car has been faultless on all three rallies, and Geoff is giving me a huge amount of confidence in the car and in my own performances.
  • 3

    (in tennis, badminton)
    peloteo masculino
    • When he was 10, he worked as a ball boy at a seniors' tournament, giving him the chance to hit a few rallies with John McEnroe.
    • This resulted in a complete lack of rhythm and short rallies punctuated by frequent drop shots.
    • Once in a while a tennis match will reach its climax with both players convinced they are going to win until the last stroke of the last rally.
    • With his ability to abbreviate his backswing and his penchant for quick rallies, Wimbledon offers him more opportunity.
    • I like the back-and-forth sound in tennis of two good players having a long rally or even just warming up.
  • 4

    • 4.1(renewed offensive)

      nueva acometida femenino
      nueva ofensiva femenino
      • Overall, Bedford thinks a mild rally this past fall will probably be followed by another marked drop in share prices.
      • Bulk alloy prices have halted their free fall and are showing some signs of recovery, although few people expect a major rally.
      • Now comes not a rally in the dollar but a decline that some are describing as the start of a decisive, massive and epochal shift of support away from the currency - and from America.
      • Short-lived rallies followed by drift and decline are likely to be the order of the day for 2003.
      • A continuing stock market rally and rapidly recovering economy would not be favorable developments for this vulnerable financial Bubble.
      • Contributing to the two-month rally in gold prices was a decline in sales of borrowed gold by producers, analysts said.
      • Of course, the market is not immune to the domestic economy and its recent rally is partly explained by a brighter outlook for interest rates.
      • It suggests the possibility of gaining a similar result over a future time period made up of bear market declines and bullish rallies.
      • Some analysts suggest the dollar rally may be overdone, raising prospects of a euro recovery in the months ahead.
      • The consensus view may be that a slowing economy explains the bond rally, but I remain quite skeptical.
      • Despite the lower valuation of the company, technology shares in Europe recovered from early loss to resume a recent rally.
      • But the doubts about the strength of recovery have been sufficiently strong as to help a rally in the UK fixed interest market and a fall in fixed interest yields.
      • Yet most analysts of the Indonesian economy agree that a consumption rally alone can't sustain recovery.
      • Still, the Fed isn't done stimulating the economy and the rallies in bonds and stocks suggest investors agree.
      • And there is his basic and perhaps rather obvious point that the decline of civilisations proceeds in a serious of routs and rallies.
      • Markets are unpredictable, and even the smartest market watchers can't predict sudden rallies and declines.
      • If it is quick, cheap and decisive, we should see a rally of sorts, but if it is long, expensive and messy, financial markets can kiss any putative 2003 recovery goodbye.
      • The move also raised worries that the rally could stall Europe's economic recovery.
      • Dealers said the dollar's rise was in response to the rally in New York stock prices and the continuing decline on the Tokyo stock market Thursday.
      • The dollar has advanced 1.9 percent during the three-week rally, trimming its decline to 11.8 percent in the year.

    • 4.2(recovery)

      Finanzas repunte masculino
      Finanzas recuperación femenino
      Medicina mejoría femenino

verbo intransitivorallies, rallied, rallying

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (unite) unirse
      (gather) congregarse
      the whole country rallied to the support of the president todo el país se unió en apoyo del presidente
      • protestors rallied outside the embassy un grupo de manifestantes se congregó frente a la embajada
      • The campaign was revolutionary in its use of the Internet to raise funds and rally the masses.
      • He rallied great popular support for his scheme.
      • Omar's speech was a desperate move to rally what little support he had left.
      • We will be out in force to make sure people know what's going on and rallying even more support.
      • What better opportunity for rallying the country behind the President could there have been?
      • We will rally the world to this cause by our efforts, by our courage.
      • The president must rally the country around a clear and credible goal.
      • He hopes to rally them all behind his candidacy for chief.
      • Chapter organizer Jack Kelly rallied 300 people to oppose the new housing at the Land Use Commission's hearing.

    • 1.2rallying present participle

      (point/call) de concentración
      • Kourin ran up to him and they exchanged quick nods as Regnor continued to rally his troops.
      • The French failed to rally all non-Communist forces behind the weak Bao Dai, while their tanks and superior equipment made little headway in jungle warfare.
      • He himself appeared in Sukhumi in a steel helmet, trying to rally his forces at the last moment, and only escaped by the skin of his teeth.
      • The Assistant Division Commander of the 29 th Infantry was trying to rally his men, who were pinned down on the beaches by heavy German fire.
      • Nearby, in a path between the mountains, the general of the Imperial army was rallying her troops.
      • Despite the relentless Mamluk pressure, Kitbuqa continued to rally his men.
      • Instead, he had sent Afan on to rally the forces left in Nottingham to move out and meet Arthur in battle once more.
      • Temujin now rallies the tribes for a desperate attack on Urga.
      • In the ensuing attempt, Dunbar survives and rallies the Union troops to win the battle.
      • Edmund rallied his forces, and for a little while it seemed that the Danes might still be driven back.
      • Microsoft, on the other hand, is playing its same old strategies and strengths - rallying an entire community around it.
      • If things go badly, you can quickly move to rally shaken leaders and units.
      • If anything, he argued, the soldiers would need a strategist and a symbol of hope to rally them towards victory.

  • 2

    • 2.1Militar

      volver a formar
      • But the French Army rallied, the enemy was driven back and the borders of Revolutionary France began to expand.
      • He lost half of his new fleet; but his troops rallied and in turn defeated the rebels.
      • Freeman's troops rallied, held the Chinese off and miraculously survived.
      • At one point US First Army commander Omar Bradley considered evacuating the beach and taking his men to one of the others, but eventually the troops rallied and fought their way inland.
      • It is almost unheard of for beaten troops to rally and charge again, as happened at Solygea in 425.
      • The Trojans rally again and continue to push onward.
      • Hundreds of members of his army rallied in the streets on Saturday, carrying arms and chanting slogans of support for him.

    • 2.2(recover)

      (person) recuperarse
      (person) reponerse

    • 2.3Finanzas

      (currency/price) repuntar
      (currency/price) recuperarse
      • HP shares had rallied on the early news of layoffs, but they're slightly slower today.
      • If we are correct, and at some future date the price of gold rallies like the yen did, there will be financial turmoil.
      • However, the shares rallied later in the day as the market digested the news.
      • After falling to an all-time low of 8p a share, the price has rallied over the past month.
      • At a minimum, there would be a month or two in which consumer and corporate spending would surge and stock prices would rally.

  • 3

    correr rallys
    correr un rally
    • ‘We just keep finding the limit,’ said Mark on Friday as he rallied on the island for the first time.
    • However, Gareth has rallied in Ireland in recent times, so he is certainly familiar with pace note asphalt rallies.
    • He has been rallying for six years and entered the 2004 Safari Rally.
    • ‘We only started rallying in 2001 and since then we've only ever done five events a year at most,’ admits Myers, who is a sail-maker by profession.
    • The 23-year-old has been rallying for six years, including stints in both Group N Mitsubishi and Fiat Punto Super 1600 cars.

verbo transitivorallies, rallied, rallying

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (vote/support) conseguir

    • 1.2

      (people) unir
      (people) cohesionar

  • 2

    • 2.1Militar

      volver a formar

    • 2.2

      (strength/spirits) recobrar