Hay 2 traducciones principales de ram en Español

: ram1RAM2


carnero, n.

Pronunciación /ram//ræm/


  • 1

    carnero masculino
    • Farmer Luke Hayden, Crowsgrove, Kildavin, lost 40% of his flock when the River Derry burst its banks, drowning 80 of his hogget ewes and two rams.
    • They all go home after killing a ram and renaming the mountain.
    • The Tom Crean Memorial Project would like to acknowledge with gratitude the Dingle sheep farmer who donated the ram for auction at Camp Fair in aid of their project.
    • Mr Watkinson, from Constable Burton, near Leyburn, won best male with his aged ram.
    • By this time 16,400 sheep had died as well as 2,700 cattle, 135 rams, 39 bullocks and 18 horses.
    • Since 15 to 25 percent of male sheep in U.S. flocks don't mate, ranchers want to find a way to identify good breeding rams.
    • In the late 1860s and 1870s half-bred sheep were produced with English and Border Leicester and Lincoln rams and Merino ewes.
    • Although large flocks with herders and dogs frightened them off, there were always strays to investigate; and domestic ewes in estrus were irresistible to bighorn rams.
    • Generally, slaughter of goats, sheep, rams, cows, and camels is offered.
    • The program also encourages producers to select for resistance and to use scrapie-resistant rams in flocks that have risk factors for scrapie.
    • Following the severe winter of 1995, for example, the Mt. Langley herd was left with 4 ewes and 11 rams.
    • Blackburn has 1,200 semen samples now from 27 different rams.
    • Young rams fertilize ewes using coursing tactics, whose success is independent of their dominance rank.
    • Their flock now boasts 35 ewes and 2 rams and, as of March, the sheep have been deemed scrapie free by inspectors.
    • The flock consisted of 20 rams, 44 ewes, and 43 lambs, of which 21 were female and the remaining were castrated males.
    • A sheep farmer needed help castrating some of his inferior rams to keep them from breeding with the females.
    • A shearling ram shown by Tom Davies, of Pinvin, was champion male and reserve supreme.
    • A Merino ram from the Merryville Stud at Boorowa, in New South Wales, has attracted the top price at this year's Australian Sheep and Wool Show sale.
    • The western region of the Irish Texel Sheep Society will hold their annual sale of Texel rams and ewes in Ballinrobe Mart on Friday 6th September.
    • So a bellwether is the head ram with a bell hung around its neck.
  • 2

    • 2.1Mecánica

      martillo pilón masculino
      martinete masculino
      • The high-speed tine rams push into the turf and then pull out quickly, leaving little or no scuffing at the top of the hole.
      • He says one man with a hoe ram on a Bobcat can break the same amount of concrete that two or three men could do with a jackhammer.

    • 2.2battering ram

      ariete masculino

    • 2.3(on ship)

      espolón masculino
      • The galley's major weapon was originally a ram on the water-line, used to hole enemy ships or to smash their oars.
      • Whereas the Turks still favoured ramming, the Christian galleys had large guns pointing forward above the ram, and were well protected against the Turkish arrows.
      • Its bronze ram could smash enemy ships and armed soldiers could leap aboard a foe's vessel in hand-to-hand combat with spears and swords.
      • The Virginia carried ten major guns (four in each broadside, one bow and one stern gun) and an iron ram.
      • They were armed with a ram, relied on oars for propulsion and their deep v-shaped lower hulls had a significant advantage in speed and manoeuvrability.

Hay 2 traducciones principales de ram en Español

: ram1RAM2


RAM, n.

Pronunciación /ræm//ram/


  • 1

    RAM femenino
    before noun RAM chip chip de RAM masculino

    random access memory

  • 2

    (in UK)

    Royal Academy of Music

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    he rammed the stake into the ground hincó / clavó la estaca en la tierra
    • he rammed his hands into his pockets se metió las manos con fuerza en los bolsillos
    • don't ram the clothes into the drawer no aprietes la ropa en el cajón
    • Swerving around, he then rammed them into the wall with all the force he could bear.
    • I rammed my stick into his side, pushing him backwards.
    • I rammed my elbow into their side, forcing them to let go of me.
    • His traps and poisons proved strangely ineffective for a while, but he eventually saw it off by ramming a huge bag of poison down its hole and covering with a big stone.
    • The raven shot down through the dark and rammed his beak into the sergeant's hat.
    • I've always been apprehensive about dentists ramming their fingers into my mouth - it takes a fair bit of effort to restrain myself from biting them.
    • The sole is hardy so good for digging, although you have to be careful about ramming the middle of the foot onto a spade - this leads to some pain.
    • She pulled her sword close, and rammed the blade's tip into the ground with great force.
    • And when Tamsin takes her to the site of her father's infidelity, Mona is so moved by her companion's pain and disgust, she rams a garden gnome through the window of the cheater's posh Jaguar.
    • The United players were livid, but McGuire was alive and decisive, ramming the ball low into the left corner of Gallacher's goal.
  • 2

    (run into)
    embestir contra
    he rammed his car into a tree estrelló el coche contra un árbol
    • In a matter of seconds my father had rammed into the car in front of us.
    • In Italy, a passenger train rammed into the rear of another passenger train today, injuring at least nearly 30 people.
    • When he was sure all was ready, he started backing up, and instantly rammed into two parked cars simultaneously.
    • All of a sudden the white car pulled out and rammed into the blue car.
    • A fearless milkman used his milk cart to ram into a robber's getaway car just minutes after being threatened with a gun.
    • Never stop to argue a fine point with another driver who has just rammed into your stationary car at a red light.
    • Investigations into the cause of the accident are considering the possibility the driver of the train that rammed into the parked locomotive missed a red signal light.
    • I wanted to ram into other cars to show them they shouldn't drive so rudely.
    • Three people inside the car that rammed into the hotel also died.
    • It had rammed into another car and the front was completely messed up.
    • The car was then turned around and driven all the way back to the Ballybeg area of the city where it rammed into the Garda patrol car.
    • Just recently, two people convicted, one of them for murder for drag racing on a public street, rammed into another car, killing people in the car.
    • The incident happened shortly after noon yesterday when it is understood a man drove up to the gates of the haulage company and rammed into a number of parked cars outside.
    • In 1998, the same Golden Temple Express rammed into three derailed cars of another train, killing more than 200 passengers.
    • Taylor drove off and rammed head-on into a car driven by a pensioner before he managed to get away.
    • He stepped on the breaks but the two cars behind him rammed into the car, pushing them directly behind the truck.
    • The crows began to ram into the car trying to get inside.
    • Raiders rammed through the window of the pub in a grey Ford Sierra car, before attaching the cash machine to the vehicle with chains and attempting to drag it away at about 12.30 am today.
    • The view of my trunk blocked the view of the RV for the moment, but I knew it would ram into my car again if I didn't get over.
    • Gardaí believe it reached speeds of over 120 mph at times along the Stillorgan Dual Carriageway before ramming into the patrol car.

verbo intransitivo

to ram into

  • 1

    estrellarse contra
    chocar contra