Traducción de ramshackle en Español:


destartalado, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈræmˌʃæk(ə)l//ˈramʃak(ə)l/


  • 1

    (building/car) destartalado
    (army) maltrecho
    • Just upstream, behind a clump of trees rose a ramshackle spire; standing in dignified disrepair.
    • I was living in a ramshackle house that had been given an unenthusiastic upgrade.
    • Beyond the fence is an apparently ramshackle dwelling with a sagging roof and peeling white pigment on the sides.
    • Deep gullies run between the ramshackle dirt houses carrying away sewage in the open.
    • Lewis Blayse lives alone in a ramshackle house in the country.
    • They are renting a remote, ramshackle house near the coast for the summer.
    • Most of the houses in the settlement still had ramshackle wooden or corrugated iron structures in their backyards.
    • I reached his ramshackle lean-to, promptly leaned against my usual beam and opened the folded papers.
    • The soldier entered the ramshackle beach house, which lay apart from the main camp of tents.
    • Instead of fleeing he walked right into the house next door and calmly walked into a ramshackle apartment he had hired there.
    • It is at his ramshackle house that the game takes place, with Nora filling the men's glasses from time to time.
    • The Main was little more than a ramshackle row of sausage-sandwich delis with butchered animals in the window.
    • A makeshift wooden bridge is the only access to the ramshackle dwelling leading from the road.
    • Wide expanses of countryside are uninhabited save for the occasional ramshackle farmhouse.
    • Then a bit of back road took us past ramshackle sheds and the gilded gates of Cawton Cottage, which is huge and not a cottage.
    • The Blunt family home was a large, ramshackle house with an untended and brambly garden.
    • The action of the play takes place in a remote ramshackle beach house built on sand dunes.
    • When I was a small child, we lived in a ramshackle house with an old pressed tin roof.
    • Off to one side was a gray, derelict, ramshackle house that looked ready to fall down.
    • Here I was in this tiny ramshackle village, St Paul's, the complete antithesis of the metropolis.