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    • We can make our way, against the tide, without rancor or bitterness.
    • The majority of his appointees have been approved, and they have been approved with no public rancor or bitter political warfare.
    • Mr Abbas, however, said this episode should not lead to any rancour in the hearts of the people in the two countries.
    • It was the passionate, slightly muddled rancour of a disappointed man.
    • No rivalry in Indian cricket was as intense yet as free from rancour as that between Kunderan and Faroukh Engineer.
    • When differing versions of that line come into conflict, the result can be rancour, frustration, and political cynicism.
    • This would have stripped the bitter racial rancor out of the affirmative action debate.
    • But the debates were good ones and, on the whole, discussions were held without rancour or venom.
    • ‘I do not come with hate or rancor in my heart,’ he said, while appealing for calm.
    • For many managers, passing judgment on another human being is an awkward exercise at best, a breeding ground for rancor and hostility at worst.
    • Tears, frustration, rage and rancor characterized much of the testimony of parents of special education students.
    • An assessment free of Cold War rancour is now possible.
    • Recently the has rancour subsided except among conservative Evangelicals.
    • Deosaran's motion was delivered with passion, without rancour, and stuck mainly to the facts.
    • Hence, they can deal with the forces of globalisation without rancour and adapt with a sense of cultural pride and confidence.
    • It was last winter that he left amid controversy and rancour.
    • Today, he still rejoices in his success but bears no rancour against those who delayed the day of his vindication.
    • There have been disagreements over the years, but never rancor or distrust.
    • In fact, this is a work largely without rancour.
    • But, like Logan, we need to put aside wedge politics, personal rancor and bitter partisanship to act on behalf of the nation.