Traducción de rap sheet en Español:

rap sheet

antecedentes penales, n.


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    antecedentes penales masculino
    • ‘Note the reason for the long rap sheet,’ she mused out loud.
    • Hirshon's Patton has a longer rap sheet than usual.
    • Then there was the rap sheet of Stoudemire's mother, Carrie, which included arrests for passing bad checks, fraud and theft.
    • With his pipe, gentleman-thief fashion sense and a rap sheet that includes armed robbery, fraud and burglary, he seems the perfect subject.
    • Or was it because after they picked her father up they looked at her rap sheet and found several warrants for her arrest?
    • You never know when that kid with a rap sheet a mile long will circumvent the system yet again because of a judge's ruling.
    • He's a high-risk convicted sex offender with a rap sheet dating back many years.
    • One of them, Lauren Gazzola, said she hoped her rap sheet and upcoming trial wouldn't keep her out of law school.
    • Inside she found the evidence of a colourful if often troubled life - photographs, social welfare documents, a rap sheet for drunken driving.
    • He also had a rap sheet, which a lot of the media doesn't understand.
    • My rap sheet is several pages, but it keeps disappearing from the cop's database.
    • There had probably been a few more crimes added to her rap sheet since then as well.
    • The rap sheet will be amended to show the arrest.
    • Given his rap sheet, his shyness and soft voice are at first disconcerting.
    • She's got a rap sheet that stretches back four decades, including a stint in prison for slavery.
    • Matthias wondered what else was on Graff's Interpol rap sheet aside from fraud.
    • You've got a brother who has got a rap sheet 18 pages long.
    • This guy, Richard Ricci, had spent 10 years in jail, tried to kill a cop, had a rap sheet, worked at the house a couple of months, admitted stealing stuff.
    • His rap sheet includes armed robbery and home invasion.
    • Neither of the finalists in the Louisiana governor's race has a rap sheet.