Traducción de rat race en Español:

rat race


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    he wanted to escape the rat race quería huir de la febril competitividad de la vida moderna
    • Originally we came to the country to escape the rat race in Edinburgh.
    • Apparently Dennis enjoyed the rat race, so he stayed.
    • Anyone who suggests I quit the rat race to open a jam making cooperative in rural Borneo can stop right now!
    • To those caught in today's rat race, one of the major killers is stress and its related problems.
    • By the time we see the benefits take effect, many of today's commuters will have quit the rat race for a more convenient life.
    • They think that they've ‘won’; they've beaten the rat race, but commute twenty to forty hours a week.
    • ‘You're not in the rat race like you are in London,’ he said.
    • ‘I think it's the way we all are,’ says Kentis, who admits that he can get caught up in the rat race of living in New York.
    • It is more of a rat race right from kindergarten.
    • Indeed, a few yearn to quit the rat race and lead a simpler life.
    • People want out of the rat race and want their euros to go further.
    • To be caught up in the rat race seems to mean that a compromise has to be made.
    • I am only 28 and yet I feel so sick of the rat race that I often find it difficult to turn up at my job in the mornings (I work at a public relations agency).
    • A goldsmith jeweller who quit the rat race for the greener climes of South Lakeland says the future looks bright for his business.
    • I am in film industry not to be part of the rat race but to enjoy whatever I do.
    • Eventually, Gideon makes his peace with his daughter, decides to quit the rat race, and disappears off into the sunset with Stella.
    • A collectively created experimental piece about the mundane frustrations of the daily rat race is effectively staged, but tediously repetitive.
    • You get time to think and reflect, that you don't have when you're involved in the rat race outside.
    • ‘Over here, the rat race just means buying the latest gadgets, but over there people are struggling to survive’, he added.
    • How long have I dreamed of quitting the rat race?