Traducción de ratio en Español:


proporción, n.

Pronunciación /ˈreɪʃiˌoʊ//ˈreɪʃɪəʊ/

nombrePlural ratios

  • 1

    proporción femenino
    ratio masculino técnico
    the ratio of girls to boys la proporción de niñas con respecto a niños
    • they have the best productivity ratio per person tienen el mejor ratio de productividad por persona
    • in a ratio of two to one en una proporción / relación de dos a uno
    • in inverse/direct ratio to sth de forma inversamente/directamente proporcional a algo
    • a high pupil-teacher ratio un elevado ratio de alumnos por profesor
    • Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to calculate the adjusted odds ratio of failure rates.
    • The control cross (uninfected male x uninfected female) yielded normal family sizes and female-biased sex ratios.
    • The ratio varied in the range of 0 to 5.
    • At MIT you learn about things like bandwidth, power, and signal-to-noise ratios.
    • We have reported all standardised mortality ratios as ratios rather than percentages.
    • Twenty repeated scans were averaged to improve the signal-to-noise ratio in each recorded image.
    • Aspect ratio is the ratio between the width of the tire and the height of its side wall.
    • Adjusted odds ratios were calculated by logistic regression, whereas adjusted risk ratios were calculated by generalized linear modeling.
    • We next estimated the likelihood of the data under a unique ratio among all lineages.
    • The banks' non-performing loan ratio reached a record high of 8.09 percent in April 2002.
    • Higher male mortality leads to decreasing male-female sex ratios as the population segment gets older.
    • We therefore estimated standardised hazard ratios.
    • It is easier to see what is happening if we plot the ratios on a graph.
    • The total chlorophyll/carotenoid molar ratio greatly decreased.
    • The simplest model assumes the same ratio for all branches in a phylogeny.
    • A ratio higher than 1 in a product group is connected with a comparative advantage.
    • We estimated hazard ratios by using Cox regression with age as the time metric.
    • In addition, nitrogen metabolism increases the molar ratio of amino nitrogen released to filial tissues.
    • Measuring the isotopic ratios on Mars will provide clues about possible biological activity.
    • In contrast, the Argentine central bank's reserve ratio ranged between 193 percent and 82 percent in 2001.
    • The bank's capital adequacy ratio remained at 11.72 per cent.