Traducción de rationalize en Español:


racionalizar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈræʃənlˌaɪz//ˈræʃnəˌlaɪz//ˈraʃ(ə)n(ə)lʌɪz/

verbo transitivo

Comercio Matemáticas Psicología

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    • Actions are rationalized on the basis that the ends justify the means.
    • ‘I like things to be just right,’ he said, laughing as he attempts to rationalise his behaviour.
    • Hard to believe that these people can justify and rationalize such sickening behavior!
    • Or maybe I was rationalizing away something I didn't want to see.
    • He knew that when some irrational number produced a very large quotient then it could be rationalised to produce an extremely accurate approximation to some irrational.
    • These stories voiced a persistent, cynical New York belief: that the mob rationalizes complicated industries for businesses.
    • And the question would be so concise that there would be no room for you to minimise, justify or rationalise your behaviour.
    • They use all this brainpower to rationalize away problems and feelings.
    • Mr Bunyan said there was enormous scope to rationalise courier companies which deliver to people in rural communities.
    • He understood that the only way to rationalize slavery was to negate the slave's humanity.
    • There is an all too-human tendency to rationalise our own behaviour, especially when we act irresponsibly or cruelly.
    • I know it sounds like I'm rationalising bad behaviour.
    • How did the individuals who masterminded and ran the camp system rationalize their own behavior?
    • You can easily rationalize it by telling yourself it's work-related.
    • The Thatcher government set out to rationalise Britain's state-run industries in preparation for privatisation.
    • Maybe I'm getting too personal about this, but rationalizing the movie business drives me mad.
    • This competition is seeing the players invest heavily into their brands, poaching talent, launching new products, and rationalising the overall business.
    • The process of rationalising our property portfolio has been finalised.
    • Takeovers of car companies are always rationalized on the basis of finding new markets for the struggling company's vehicles.
    • We wanted a Decommissioning Scheme with sufficient funding to make a real impact on rationalising the Industry.
    • Looking at the root cause rather than rationalizing negative behaviors results in workplace improvements.
    • He didn't bother trying to rationalize what the sound could have been.
    • Hurt by a downturn in the print industry, Wyndeham has been rationalising its business units to improve efficiency.
    • Any attempt to justify and rationalize this is probably beside the point.
    • Is this really a song about an abuser rationalizing his violent behaviour - or just a guy saying look I'm moody and hard to live with?
    • Hayley is like a machine, carrying out incremental change to rationalise companies.
    • Ultimately, companies wishing to instill more discipline in the R&D process are out to rationalize their product portfolios.
    • The court was told the company made seven people redundant in July as a result of ‘ongoing financial losses and the requirement to rationalise the business’.
    • The government just finished drawing up a rough plan for streamlining and rationalizing the corporations at the end of last year.
    • Good progress is reported to have been made in talks to rationalise the beef industry, worth €1.5 billion to the economy.
    • GM sought to rationalize its business by eliminating brands and thus was motivated to end the Daewoo dealer network.
    • As work in the garment industry was rationalized, then parceled out for the lowest possible wage, the large mass of garment workers became not craftsmen but a proletarian labor force.
    • In the late 1980s Armco wished to rationalise its businesses.
    • Today, more than ever, the primary challenge facing the CEO is to build management teams that know how to create soundly rationalized businesses - and manage them to last.
    • She could easily rationalize her actions by thinking she's working towards moving out of there.
    • These effects should be considered when rationalizing the physical significance of n.
    • There was the bitterness over the recruiters' deception, but they tried their best to rationalize what was happening.
    • I don't care about rationalising denominators with surds in them, and I don't care that by using maths induction you can prove many equations to be right or wrong.
    • In light of that, Irish Sugar's decision to rationalise the industry is timely.
    • By generalizing the Onsager transport model we derived a set of equations that rationalize all pertinent observations.
    • Since then Murphy and his team have been engaged in the acrimonious process of rationalising the troubled food group.
    • It's easy to rationalise one's behaviour by quoting conspiracy theories.
    • This funds a huge burst of creativity - which is followed by a Darwinian process that rationalizes the industry.
    • Everybody is trying to rationalise behaviour that a previous generation would have been horrified by.