Traducción de rave en Español:


delirar, v.

Pronunciación /reɪv//reɪv/

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (talk deliriously)
    • He began to rave again, bellowing incoherencies and profanities at the top of his lungs.
    • The Prime Minister raved incoherently: ‘I see myself as the big fat spider in the corner of the room.’
    • When he succeeded in waking us up, we had been completely incoherent, raving about caves and pigeons and dark unspeakable evil.
    • And good old Prince is still raving about freedom and spirituality, God bless him.
    • Daron was off his nut all night, ranting and raving with little coherency.
    • The Pythia would rave and babble incoherently.
    • Damn it I must seem like I'm raving like a lunatic about the red menace.
    • Your cackles filling the room, you just sat there laughing and raving like a lunatic.
    • Her eyes were still fixed on Mr. Stevens who was babbling and raving in some type of speech Alexander had never heard before.
    • Frankenstein lapsed into a delirious fever for several months, ranting and raving about killing the monster.
  • 2

    (talk, write enthusiastically)
    to rave about sth/sb
    • the critics raved about the new play los críticos pusieron a la nueva obra por las nubes
    • everybody's raving about my new haircut a todos les ha encantado mi nuevo corte de pelo
    • Coaches rave about Miller's hands, as he excels at getting open over the middle.
    • I have purchased several copies for songwriting friends and they have all raved about it.
    • What's more, it's not just the audiences who love the show - critics have found plenty to rave about too.
    • Scouts rave about your raw power, but you've also piled up a lot of strikeouts.
    • Players and coaches raved about what a wonderful place it was to work.
    • Scouts rave about the Cubs' abundance of young pitching - and with good reason.
    • Sure, they got awards, but critics were also raving over junk.
    • That said, nearly all the guests I spoke to raved about their excursions, claiming they were the highlight of their holiday.
    • "My eyes looked more radiant instantly, " raved one tester.
    • Many critics raved about the bust but others found it ghoulish and disgusting.
    • Salthouse had the critics raving about their last album ‘Dream by Day’.
    • After a few years, I yielded to the pressure of fellow critics who couldn't understand why I wasn't raving about the film.
    • Critics are already raving about the new Channel Four programme ‘Shameless’, which hits the screen tonight.
    • Dayne showed off the quick feet scouts have been raving about since he was drafted.
    • With fans and reviewers raving, why is he so terrified by every new role?
    • I ordered the Quattro panini as did Molly and Patty and we all raved.
    • Critics, TV executives and its devoted audience raved about the show, making it seem more influential in Britain than perhaps it really was.
    • Their daughter Jill lives here with her husband Neil and was always raving about the place.
    • A close-up on the 56-year old Magande reveals much more than what some armchair critics and sceptics may be raving about.
    • I wish I could rave as enthusiastically about the audio department.
  • 3

    (talk angrily)
    • She was ranting and raving and stamping her feet like a child.
    • Why are people ranting and raving over the costs of their hydro bills while going out and leaving all the lights on?
    • Jock blew his top, he went absolutely ballistic, ranting and raving.
    • Performers with problems will be ranting and raving about them at the next Coco Café - even more than usual.
    • As any manager of a boys' team will tell you, ranting and raving on the touchline is of limited motivational value.
    • Ann Coulter doesn't go on television ranting and raving like the liberals do.
    • Mr Welling said: ‘The defendant telephoned her and he was abusive, ranting and raving.’
    • So, we would fight all the way to church, ranting and raving, screaming and yelling.
    • His performance is deeply moving, but also crackles with his trademark ranting and raving.
    • He was then standing in the street ranting and raving and my dad asked him to move out the way, and the guy said he would be back.
    • People were saying he'd come in and be ranting and raving, but he's not like that.
    • Smith then started ranting and raving and making insulting remarks about Mrs Pickup's son.
    • A couple who left behind me were still raving about him when we reached the car park.
    • In between ranting and raving I watch football.
    • Sure, the lyrics are angry, bitter, raving, mad, obscene, and a 1000 other adjectives, but they don't change my opinion.
    • Stop the media's ranting and raving about 6,000 or even 7,000 dead, many of whom never died at all.
    • This is a cellphone message left by the guy where he starts ranting and raving.
    • There's no point ranting and raving or going crying to the manager.
    • Meanwhile, Bush ranted and raved like an angry lunatic throughout the second debate.
    • But I got into work today to find a certain colleague ranting and raving about it.



  • 1

    alabanza femenino
    (muy entusiasta) elogio masculino
    before noun rave reviews críticas muy favorables femenino
    • Peppers drew raves from everywhere because of his combination of speed and strength.
    • Accordingly, it received rave reviews and a loyal following among the press corps.
    • The film is receiving rave reviews for its blunt honesty and nutty characters.
    • Dickerson's quickness is drawing raves from opposing coaches and players.
    • Performing at the Cotton Club, the girls won rave reviews from critics.
    • It is listed on the Australian and US stock markets and has won rave reviews for its financial performances.
    • One of its new PCs with easy-to-use Internet telephone service has won raves from reviewers.
    • Both Jodi's album and her live shows have been winning her rave reviews.
    • The Merchant of Venice opened at the American Theater on May 24, 1903, and rave notices showered down.
    • I know this film received rave reviews when it was reissued a couple of years ago.
    • Ever since its release in the US, the film has been getting rave reviews from several quarters in Hollywood.
    • Liam Neeson stars in " Kinsey " which opens in Ireland to rave reviews.
    • And though his realistic and hard-hitting film has won some rave reviews, Tigmanshu is certainly not resting on his laurels.
    • His foam/mesh trucker hat even drew raves from adoring female fans.
    • Despite the occasional bug, Google's new Gmail feature is drawing raves.
    • He read it on the plane, and in London saw the rave reviews that the media was giving to the book.
    • All the rave reviews in the world couldn't turn Pavement into pop stars - maybe it's because they couldn't dance.
    • Perhaps it was significant that the rave reviews on the back cover were all written by women.
    • Her physique drew raves from the audience, which included a strong following for her.
    • On April 23, Richard Lair conducted an orchestra of 12 elephants to rave reviews.
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    • 2.1British (party)

      fiesta con música acid

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