Traducción de raw material en Español:

raw material

materia prima, n.


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    (unrefined substance)
    materia prima femenino
    • The prewar economy was heavily dependent on a few primary products or raw materials.
    • They procure raw materials and self-finished products throughout the world.
    • This nation has been built almost on the export of raw materials and animal products.
    • This allowed it to make sufficient raw materials to fuel cancer's rapid cell division.
    • The slaves provided the cheap and reliable labour to produce the cheap raw materials.
    • You buy your raw materials, put your labour into your product and put it for sale.
    • Our basic raw material, pulp, has also nearly doubled in price and we haven't been able to pass that increase on.
    • Those resources have now almost run out, putting a premium on firms producing the raw material.
    • Oil is used as a raw material in products ranging from plastics to paints.
    • The problem for utilities is that they operate in a tightly regulated market, but their raw material cost is fossil fuel.
    • They would be able to bring some cost discipline to the production of their key raw material.
    • The planners assigned central Asia the role of supplier of raw materials, notably cotton.
    • The raw materials for these products derived from coal or crude oil.
    • They were used to direct labour and raw materials as a way of maintaining the production of critical commodities.
    • It said increases in costs of raw materials has eroded its profit margins and yet it still has to stay competitive.
    • Items of rose and sandalwood gained popularity as ivory became a scarce raw material for carving.
    • In the traditional sense, it is a company that makes a product from raw materials by hand or machinery.
    • However, green tea exported from Thailand is mostly used as a raw material for consumer products.
    • We should also eliminate the raw materials used for the production of narcotics.
    • They will also be helped to obtain raw materials and market their products.
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    materia prima femenino