Traducción de rawboned en Español:


huesudo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈrɔˌboʊnd/


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    • David Binney, the American saxophonist, is based at New York's 55 Bar, as is the raw-boned and independent guitarist Wayne Krantz, who joins him on this set.
    • As a raw-boned 26-year-old who had already been playing first-class rugby for almost a decade, Telfer made his debut for the Lions on the 1966 tour to New Zealand.
    • Hoss moved his big, black, raw-boned horse on, steadily making higher and higher ground until he reached the line where it was too dry and windswept for the grass to grow well.
    • And knowledgeable supporters of a certain vintage at Ayr RFC may recall the raw-boned, fair-haired youngster making his mark in the side's back row some nine seasons ago.
    • Hence the urgency to fast-track a raw-boned 17-year-old from Everton, who might as easily be mangled by the demands of the international game as made by them.
    • Sluggish Saints finally replied on the stroke of half-time with a Martin Gleeson try but had no one to match the raw-boned power of Trinity forwards Dallas Hood and Michael Korkidas.
    • The lean and raw-boned McGrath's physical strength is matched by mental attributes.
    • Just a raw-boned, tough player who has scored 50 goals twice and gone over 200 minutes in penalties three times.
    • Reitsma has a power pitcher's physique - lean and raw-boned - but he does not use it to good effect in mechanics and delivery.
    • To his peers he was a rough-edged, raw-boned culchie.
    • In January 1986, just before he was to head to the city to try his luck at St Kilda, raw-boned ruckman Chris Ralston took a few photos of his home ground at Osborne, in the heart of the Riverina.
    • His sad, raw-boned face reminded me of the boy in the film.
    • Australia won a turgid match and it is fitting that it was the raw-boned Owen Finnegan who scored the breakthrough try.
    • Sir Walter Scott gave an account of an unidentified friend who had been in Paris and discovered a ‘tall, thin, raw-boned, grim-looking old man’ with a sunburned and heavily freckled face.
    • In eight years since he arrived as a raw-boned 20-year-old from Ireland, McCoy has re-written various chapters in the record books.
    • These days, the university operates a system of selection that is the envy of Oxbridge and many raw-boned cartilaginous youths are broken on the altar of inaccessibility.
    • In one corner we have rangy, raw-boned Clint Eastwood; in the other that nimble little street-fighter, Martin Scorsese.
    • The raw-boned wing still had much to do, but he cleverly chipped ahead over the cover and won the race for the touchdown, Stenhouse converting from the touchline.
    • And they're just as gracefully-sexy today as they were raw-boned ugly 50 years ago.