Traducción de raze en Español:


Pronunciación /reɪz//reɪz/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to raze sth (to the ground) arrasar algo
    • All the Trojan men are killed, the town is razed to the ground and the women are distributed among the occupiers as the spoils of victory.
    • A frenzy of hotel building razed old neighbourhoods and transformed city centres.
    • If you join, I will have no need to raze your towns and capture your villages.
    • Next it was the turn of armoured bulldozers to raze building after building.
    • Who would start a restoration project by razing the building to be restored almost to the ground?
    • She slaughtered all Roman inhabitants and razed the town.
    • The old village was razed to the ground, and very quickly the new town of Abbeyleix became established.
    • In 1968, New York City razed the existing buildings and planted grass on the island.
    • And this week, the Mayfair building was finally razed to the ground.
    • As if to exact revenge on being chased back to the desert, the border villages and towns were razed to the ground.
    • Work began to raze the building in February this year.
    • Troops were razing buildings and killing people as they were encountered.
    • Some three hundred buildings were razed with a property loss estimated at three million dollars.
    • The Israeli army said it razed the buildings because they had been used to fire at its troops and for smuggling arms.
    • If the charge that he conspired to raze a mosque is valid, there is a great deal to answer for.
    • Neither our lease nor our budget will allow us to raze our buildings to put in showcase-perfect sustainable materials.
    • Temporary facilities have been in place since the former service area building was razed to the ground last October.
    • Military bulldozers yesterday knocked down all the structures in Kadim, and were razing buildings in Ganim.
    • I will raze the whole building to the ground, if that's what it takes to prove myself.
    • They talk of ‘carpet bombing’ and razing whole cities to the ground.