Traducción de razor wire en Español:

razor wire

alambre de cuchillas, n.


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    alambre de cuchillas masculino
    • Police with guns and batons lined the way, together with armoured vehicles, razor wire and concrete barricades.
    • The prisoners, in their bright orange jumpsuits, are guarded by a maze of chain-link fences, razor wire and towers.
    • They should not be behind barbed wire or razor wire.
    • This is not the case when there are refugees on boats, or locked behind high fences topped with razor wire.
    • There were rows of razor wire, electric fences, guard towers and searchlights.
    • Sprawling refineries hide behind chain-link fences topped with razor wire and guards at the exits.
    • As helicopters buzzed overhead, army engineers erected concrete barriers and razor wire fences in the fields off Drumcree Road.
    • Basic tools and pure muscle were used to construct everything from security towers to protective barriers fronted by razor wire.
    • Though it was practically in the middle of the desert, it was surrounded by electric fencing and razor wire.
    • There's no fence, no razor wire, no watchtowers, no guard station.
    • Roll upon roll of razor wire stretched for miles in an unbroken barrier that seemed to reach into eternity.
    • Now work on the building has resumed, and the site is surrounded by a ten-foot high fence, topped with razor wire.
    • It's a mix of brick buildings and plastic-looking demountables, surrounded by cyclone fences and rolls of razor wire.
    • The razor wire was reinstated and the gates were locked.
    • The extra measures include increasing the height of existing fences and adding a new inner layer of razor wire.
    • Two rows of razor wire were also installed along the perimeter fences of the City Council and City Hall sites.
    • Above it, coils of copper wire represent razor wire and tiny pearls serve as handles on the cell doors.
    • They also move about unrestrained by razor wire, searchlights, locks or electric fences.
    • Meanwhile, airport operator Air Pegasus has set up a perimeter fence topped with razor wire.
    • Soldiers put in place barbed wire and razor wire, dug up fields next to the barrier, and widened a water-filled ditch.