Traducción de re-elect en Español:


reelegir, v.

Pronunciación /riːɪˈlɛkt//ˌriəˈlɛkt/

verbo transitivo

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    she was re-elected as treasurer fue reelegida como tesorera
    • Members of the Unison union have voted to re-elect Dave Prentis as their general secretary.
    • The implication is that, if the voters don't re-elect her, they will be financially punished.
    • Earlier this month he was re-elected after a poll that was widely condemned as rigged.
    • I want to take the opportunity to thank the people of Hamilton West for re-electing me to this Chamber, at a time when politically there was certainly a very hard-fought contest in the regions.
    • It was just a year ago 51 percent voted to re-elect him.
    • The man has an uncanny grasp of the public mood and once again he seized it, reminding us all how right we were to re-elect him as Prime Minister at the last general election.
    • In 1984, he was re-elected in a landslide over former Vice President Walter Mondale.
    • But Davis is still vulnerable; polls show more voters than not are at some level resistant to re-electing him.
    • You never forget there is an election around the corner from the first second you are re-elected.
    • The elections last year saw each of the five nations either re-elect their leaders or keep the ruling party in power.
    • He is not seeking re-election because polls showed his constituents would not re-elect him.
    • If Australians re-elect John Howard, at least they will know they voted for him.
    • Stevens was recently re-elected to a fifth term.
    • Newly re-elected mayor Merv King said he was surprised by the discovery.
    • Ami Horowitz, for the Weekly Standard, thinks that the Jewish vote might help re-elect President Bush.
    • Are we, the public at large, less responsible for electing and re-electing such politicians?
    • The comments came ahead of votes to re-elect the directors who authorised the payment to Mr Green.
    • The trade group made re-electing the president its top priority in June 2003, long before the campaign season began.
    • Crispin Blunt, Conservative candidate, said: If you re-elect me as Member of Parliament for Reigate I will continue to provide a strong voice in Parliament for local people.
    • Ahern has been in government for almost five years and convincing the electorate to re-elect him will not be painless.