Traducción de re-enact en Español:


recrear, v.

Pronunciación /ˌriəˈnækt//riːɪˈnakt/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (historical event) recrear
    (historical event) representar
    (crime) reconstruir
    (crime) reconstituir
    • In Limbo, a marooned family on an island discover the diaries of those stranded there a hundred years before and start to think of themselves as re-enacting their experience.
    • Every year they re-enact the death of the legendary vampire Zorbeskel, who plagued the cobblestoned streets of vieux Lyon back in the days when it was Nouveau Lyon.
    • Today's Dresden Stollen Festival, which has been celebrated every year since 1994, re-enacts the historical event of the giant stollen, with a 3,500 kilogram cake shown at the Dresden Zwinger.
    • We have to re-enact the event the way it happened.
    • When a local television crew came to the home to refilm the incident, the toddler somehow managed to re-enact the accident with unerring accuracy.
    • A pageant is held at the nearest weekend, together with a fête and associated events, and the wedding is re-enacted by children.
    • Numerous small theatres throughout Salem re-enact episodes from the witch trial hysteria while waxwork displays in creepy dungeons capture the key moments.
    • The clocks were turned back exactly 150 years in historic Haworth to re-enact the wedding of one of Britain's favourite classical authors.
    • Years later, at the 2000 Vancouver International Film Festival, I sat with many of the same people to see the premiere of Scorn, which re-enacts the events surrounding the murders.
    • He returned to the site of the Feb.28 incident the next day in order to re-enact the events.
    • They playfully re-enact events and change details to match personal needs and desires.
    • As a new film re-enacts these bizarre events, John Harris reveals how he became obsessed by this Harvard student with country music in his blood
    • A Gordon Bennettt Company has been set up with the idea of re-enacting the famous race with the cars of that era, while using the original race circuit as a hook to market the greater area.
    • Its roots lie in ‘living history’, that hobby indulged in by thousands who dress up as Roundheads, Cavaliers and all the rest to re-enact bloody episodes from our history.
    • Dr Dahiya along with scientific officer MN Joshi, re-enacted the incident with a railway coach at the same spot where the crime took place.
    • The Who singer Roger Daltrey presents ‘Extreme History’ on US TV, re-enacting episodes from the American Civil War in full costume
    • A lesser film would have merely re-enacted the events of Goya's life and shown you his art; Saura manages to portray their intersection.
    • Celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers' first powered flight were marred today when an attempt to re-enact the event did not go according to plan.
    • We were going to say something funny and trenchant, but we were re-enacting an Irish funeral service at the pub last night, and so are in no shape to respond.
    • Noren implies that, on both the familial and political level, we are doomed to re-enact the past.