Traducción de re-examine en Español:


volver a examinar, v.

Pronunciación /riːɪɡˈzamɪn//ˌriəɡˈzæmən/

verbo transitivo

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    (facts/student/patient/evidence) volver a examinar
    (witness) volver a interrogar
    (witness) someter a un segundo interrogatorio
    • But last night a Government spokesperson said Education Minister Noel Dempsey will not be re-examining the fees option and the Cabinet would not be a revisiting the issue.
    • The clear purpose of the book is to re-examine the decision and alter the standards applied in the Pentagon Papers.
    • For the review, Lebovitz and his team re-examined the data from 13 studies that originally aimed to examine the efficacy and safety of Avandia.
    • Discussion resulted in agreement on the remainder, and the main body of the corpus was re-examined to accommodate changes to the original coding system.
    • For the first time since its adoption in 1930, the Code was to be fully re-examined and substantially altered.
    • Moreover, when article 6 of the Convention becomes part of our law, it will be the prism through which other aspects of our criminal law may have to be re-examined.
    • He said: ‘I see no problem in re-examining the situation.’
    • We are re-examining our business plan and evaluating our future options at the moment.
    • Mr Brennan said: ‘The findings make it clear that we should be re-examining our attitudes to some fathers and their role in the family.’
    • Reading History Backwards encourages viewers to re-examine how we construct and perceive history and current reality.
    • These will be considered briefly before the general subject of sexual offences is re-examined.
    • Pages that have not been as popular as entry pages may need to be re-examined and altered again.
    • Accordingly, Mr. Clinton said, the policy should be re-examined or at least carried out in a more humane way, to prevent the harassment of homosexuals in the armed forces.
    • The thought woke me up to re-examine what I had taken for granted.
    • The higher court should re-examine the facts and application of the law in order to challenge or verify the decision of the lower court.
    • The primary role of the tribunal is to re-examine evidence presented by the Director, and it is not anticipated that it will often initiate its own investigations.
    • We suggest that these models might be re-examined in light of these results.
    • In the process of designing courses and curriculums I re-examined how colleges do it.
    • I think it also needs to re-examine how it views other churches.
    • On the facts as currently known, Customs will not be re-examining any of the input tax claimed by Buckmore Park Services.