Traducción de reactor en Español:


reactor (nuclear), n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈaktə//riˈæktər/


  • 1also nuclear reactor

    reactor (nuclear) masculino
  • 2

    reactor masculino
    • The dehydrogenation and selective hydrogenation reactors were run continuously and the product collected.
    • A green chemistry example concerns the transfer of raw polymer resin into reactors.
    • Fossil fuel burning plants could simply place a serpentine reactor as the last component of their emissions clean up and sequester carbon on site.
    • Solar receivers absorb this concentrated solar radiation and deliver it, in the form of high-temperature heat, to a chemical reactor wherein an endothermic reaction results in the production of solar fuels.
    • The organ was placed in a Teflon bag that neutrons can pass through and taken to a research reactor nearby, where it was irradiated with neutrons.