Traducción de readable en Español:


ameno, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈriːdəb(ə)l//ˈridəb(ə)l/


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    (book/style) ameno
    (writing) legible
    • Hence our preference for brief, readable letters supplemented with pictures and summaries of responses.
    • Results appear quickly on a clear, readable digital display.
    • The text is eminently readable and supported by detailed citations and a voluminous index.
    • In addition to copious notes he modernised punctuation and spelling to make a more readable text.
    • At this he looked at his page and noticed all the letters looked perfectly readable now that he knew how to read it.
    • Version 4 of his site is much more readable because the text doesn't run all over the landscape.
    • This is a well researched, informative and extremely readable book that will make you rage against the system and want to get active.
    • Once most books are readable over the Internet, however, what will happen with the form?
    • Such casual sketches of the master are also being featured in the immensely readable book.
    • Thus, every effort will be made to publish timely and highly readable essays.
    • I think maybe they scroll slightly every time you wave or something, but they're not as readable as regular text messages.
    • My own copy, still readable in faded purple, occupies a special place on my office bookshelf.
    • You can also use a photocopier to copy print on to a transparency, but remember that you may need to enlarge it to make the text readable.
    • Nevertheless, this is an informative, readable book which puts piracy in true perspective.
    • This would allow an attacker to move from the Web environment to read files readable to the OS.
    • As a result, the text is readable and useful as a source for practitioners as well as teachers and students.
    • Now that I've actually got a readable blog, I need to write something worth reading.
    • As a consequence, the text is more readable than most encyclopedic treatments.
    • Each period is divided into subsections comprising academic yet readable essays.
    • This short, readable book outlines with exemplary clarity the philosophical terms of the issue.
    • They should aim to present short, readable articles in the paper journal.
    • This accomplished and supremely readable book commands our sympathy and evokes a regret for what might have been.
    • Barring a few spelling mistakes, the book is readable and understandable.
    • I have found that even small text is readable without having to put your dial right up to the screen.
    • It's fine for snippets, but such long and interesting articles need more readable text.
    • In my fingers, besides the wet muck of packing material was a soppy but readable copy of Tatz's book.
    • Which is why, no doubt, the most readable biographies have invariably been works of great scholarship as well.
    • Can you come out with some easily readable booklets which the young as well as not so young can read with interest?
    • Fakery, fiction and actual recorded history swirl together in this intelligent and readable book.
    • My only issue is how to get readable text over the stripes - none of the colours I've tried show up well enough.
    • Despite these shortcomings, this is an interesting and eminently readable textbook.
    • Especially in the text block test, all text was easily readable, even the small white text.
    • Several people have written to tell me that these books are readable online.
    • The articles are readable and are probably best read individually rather than as a group.
    • This erudite yet readable volume admirably meets the high standards set by the new series.
    • Every page is compulsively readable, and usually says something very funny, even if it happens to be wrong.
    • Two categories of readable documents were used in the study.
    • The text should be as readable as plain text but you should also be able to easily discern linked words.