Traducción de reading en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈridɪŋ//ˈriːdɪŋ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(material)

      I like light reading me gusta leer cosas fáciles y amenas
      • this book makes good/interesting reading este libro es muy ameno/interesante
      • it's easy reading es fácil de leer

    • 1.2(study)

      lectura femenino
      a person of wide reading una persona de amplia cultura / muy leída
      • from my reading, I developed an interest in India a través de mis lecturas empecé a interesarme por la India
      • Something else Seamus discovered was the lack of basic reading and writing skills among the prison population.
      • The test covers the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.
      • It seems that the brain takes sides in promoting the skills necessary for proficient reading.
      • More than just reading skills are impaired, you can count on it.
      • And did you find that your reading and writing skills improved once you came here?
      • And reading is a skill just like playing tennis, or playing rugby or playing the piano.
      • The perception of irony reveals the gap between narrative memory and linear reading.
      • This will be followed rapidly by early reading and counting skills.
      • A country of ten-year-olds should concentrate on their reading and comprehension skills.
      • As an academic I would argue that reading is one of the most basic skills needed to achieve academically.
      • The teens were hampered by poor reading and research skills and were more prone to leave a site after encountering difficulties.
      • One in ten pupils are leaving school in the Blackburn and Darwen area without basic reading and writing skills.
      • His reading and writing skills have also dramatically changed.
      • Like many of their colleagues, they say the centre has greatly improved their reading and writing skills.
      • He has courageously promised to drive up student test scores in core skills such as reading and math.
      • The acquisition of reading and writing skills was a socially selective process.
      • A child with a learning disability may have goals in the areas of improving reading and math skills.
      • This necessitates somewhat cursory reading at times and I don't catch everything.
      • Paired reading can improve language skills as well as help motivate students to read on their own.
      • Tutored children were assessed on several measures of basic reading and spelling skills.

  • 2

    • 2.1(activity, skill)

      lectura femenino
      (glasses) (before noun) para leer
      (glasses) (before noun) de lectura
      Johnny's reading is coming along nicely Johnny lee cada vez mejor
      • they gathered for the reading of the will se reunieron para dar lectura al testamento
      • she has a reading age of 10 lee al nivel de un niño de 10 años
      • reading group grupo de lectura
      • reading lamp lámpara portátil
      • reading light luz de lectura
      • the reading public el público lector
      • The variant readings have been reduced to seven, each of which is regarded as equally valid.
      • You are told to beware of persons coming to your house under the pretext of selling or repairing things, conducting meter readings, etc.
      • It had been a year, and the meters were giving normal readings across the board for air quality and temperature.
      • It is evident from different reports that many of the meters are giving erratic readings.
      • Knob positions and meter readings are easily seen from a distance.
      • We will also be offering to provide quarterly meter readings.
      • Lavelle gave a blood sample at the scene which gave a reading of 188.The legal limit is 80.
      • Even frequent meter readings provided information about energy use after the fact, not allowing actions to be taken to reduce energy use or energy demand.
      • To reduce measurement error, this instrument takes three readings and computes an average.
      • Fig. 11 indicated that the clip gauge transducer produced a linear relationship between the diameter change and the strain meter readings.
      • Whichever type of thermometer you choose, be sure you know how to use it correctly to get an accurate reading.
      • This appears to be the message from the first opinion poll readings since hostilities broke out.
      • There will still be a 10-15 per cent variation between readings on meters and lab values.
      • He appeared to be drunk and a breath test gave a reading of 125 micrograms of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.
      • If there is a large discrepancy between the water meter readings and the amount of water shown on the bill, a specialist is sent to investigate the problem.
      • The bottom figure, the diastolic reading, is the pressure when your heart is filling (diastole).
      • The data to be traded includes numerical instrument readings, high-resolution x-rays, and audio/video discussions.
      • The readings we measure therefore reflect upper torso movement.
      • Distances still refer to yards or miles, weights are in pounds and ounces, and temperature readings are in Fahrenheit.
      • The instant new information is entered, the appropriate dashboard readings are updated companywide.

    • 2.2(event)

      poetry reading recital de poesía masculino

    • 2.3(passage)

      lectura femenino
      • There are many ways, but today let's focus on two, both of which are related to the Scripture readings we will hear at Mass.
      • Today, I need to put aside the Scripture readings appointed for today.
      • This year's service was without a sermon, but the prayers and scripture readings provided all the spiritual inspiration required.
      • This story never appears in our church's assigned cycle of Sunday readings.
      • In addition to the seven devotions, the CD has Scripture readings, prayers, hymns and church information.
      • I have often read these words from my book at public readings, but now I am no longer the author reading them.
      • Both will respond to activities such as poetry read aloud, choral readings with repetitious phrasing, and intentional changes of voice.
      • After breakfast, there are readings of scripture and meditation and after that each embarks on the chore which he has been given responsibility for.
      • There the famous chants are sung, interspersed with Scripture readings and periods of silence.
      • Services could include requested pieces of music, readings or poetry, and range from being simple, quiet affairs to New Orleans-style funerals complete with jazz band.
      • Over the next hour or so, speeches and waiata, a reading and another prayer revisit the same themes.
      • There was seven weeks of Scripture readings and the children showed a genuine interest and appreciation towards the course.
      • After the Gospel is read, the priest delivers a homily based on the Scripture readings.
      • In this short reading, Dempster read five of his poems from his recent book.
      • This week's scripture readings clearly chart the Epiphany theme, that of Jesus drawing all of humanity into a living relationship with God.
      • This makes the course particularly appropriate for people who do the Scripture readings in their local church.
      • Each service includes short scripture readings, petitions regarding mourning, suggestions for reflection, and room for journaling.
      • The combined choirs will sing the traditional carols of the Christmas season and in addition there will be readings from Sacred Scripture.
      • Fr. Walsh also spoke of the high regard in which she was held within the family circle and this was clearly reflected in the readings at Mass by her young relatives.
      • Ken and Mary recited the readings from scripture with real feeling.

  • 3

    (on dial, gauge)
    lectura femenino
    the other thermometer gave a higher reading el otro termómetro marcaba una temperatura / daba una lectura más alta
    • to take a reading of sth leer algo
  • 4

    presentación femenino
    the bill has its second reading tomorrow mañana se debatirá por segunda vez el proyecto de ley
    • Come the final readings of these bills, the Government flip-flops.
    • It is with pleasure that I stand in the House to speak to the final reading of this bill.
    • It must pass two more readings in coming weeks before it is final.
    • Heavyweight hitters went down swinging against federal Bill C - 2, which had its final readings in the Senate this week.
    • Rather than go through lengthy readings and committee stages, the laws would be a voted on in both houses of parliament after a 90-minute debate.
    • Indeed, only a provision of the rules which interprets an abstention as a vote in favour in the event of a tie saw the bill past its final reading.
    • He said he expects the Bill to have a bumpy ride as it goes through further readings and committee stages.
    • Parliament approved their final reading on April 3 after much controversy.
    • Mr Robson's bill passed its first reading in Parliament 78 votes to 41.
    • I have not spoken during the previous readings of the bill, because I wanted to hear all sides and to come to a considered decision.
    • By 316 votes to 311, the government's education bill passed its second reading in parliament.
    • The bylaw passed three readings and needs final adoption by council in likely a couple of weeks before becoming enforceable.
    • The Green Party supports this bill and will do so through to the final reading.
    • Tung's sudden change of position came after the business-oriented Liberal Party refused to back the bill's final readings at the legislature Wednesday.
    • All the ministers, as well as the Financial Secretary, spoke in supporting the need for the bill, which received its three readings and finally passed unopposed.
    • I am happy to be here to support the third reading of this bill.
    • This bill still awaits the final reading and approval by Parliament.
    • If MPs approve the bill at its third and final reading in Parliament next week it will be passed for Royal Assent and become law.
    • On Friday, the Hong Kong Bar Association said it deplores any decision to resume the final readings of the bill next Wednesday.
    • Once that has been done, council can choose to add the smoke-free question to the fall election ballot instead of passing the bylaw on final readings.
  • 5

    lectura femenino
    interpretación femenino
    what's your reading of the situation? ¿cómo interpreta / cómo ve usted la situación?
    • So this will hopefully prepare for a more sympathetic reading of the translated article below.
    • A more literal reading relates us directly to the pattern of the cosmos, with its insistence on the separation of categories.
    • In Nina's case, however, a literal reading would have given any security man grounds for anxiety.
    • This is a pure absurdity, as any fair reading of the pages we have devoted to such matters can demonstrate.
    • How your own perceptions color your reading of those comments may be another story.
    • An honest reading of the document shows that the Vatican is simply banning gays.
    • On an absolutely literal reading, your Lordships' liberty to apply does not apply to past expenses if there are future expenses.
    • A close reading of the document suggests, however, that the threat has been exaggerated.
    • It also means that everyone's experience of the book will be different - the order in which the stories are read will change readings of the book as a whole significantly.
    • It won't be a perfect fit, any more than modern feminist readings of the Bible are a perfect fit, but it will do for the time being.
    • I do not wish to suggest that our reading of these narratives can be closed or definitive.
    • That view is a tendentious reading of the legal materials, as a quick glance at Article I reveals.
    • That's an utterly inaccurate reading of the great documents of the founding of this nation.
    • Some people sneer at a metaphorical reading of scripture and Tolkien himself was opposed to allegory as a rhetorical form.
    • Also, a naive reading would imagine that this knowledge on the fringe is the easiest to change.
    • The article gives an intriguing and powerfully written reading of the ironic positioning of such films.
    • McLeish believes it is the combination of strength, skill and also his reading of the game which makes him so difficult to play against.
    • He isn't as fast as Cole, but has tremendous skill and reading of the game.
    • However, I also think that a careful reading of the document shows the bishops were not saying this.
    • Perhaps readers will disagree with the Professor's comparative reading.