Traducción de readmit en Español:


readmitir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌriədˈmɪt//riːədˈmɪt/

verbo transitivoreadmitting, readmitted

  • 1

    • An 87-year-old white woman was readmitted to the hospital because of recurrent pneumonia.
    • When he was not readmitted as planned, his family arranged for replacement with larger cylinders.
    • By August John had started to suffer high blood pressure and he was readmitted to Oxford's Churchill Hospital for further scans.
    • One in 10 patients are readmitted following treatment for hip fractures in Barnsley, compared with one in 20 in Chesterfield.
    • He was readmitted to hospital 4 days later, profoundly confused as a result of staphylococcal septicaemia.
    • He was readmitted in June after a suspected insect bite on his hand.
    • The court is going to readmit you to bail pending a pre-sentence report being prepared.
    • There, doctors confirmed Derek had the MRSA superbug which is highly contagious and readmitted him.
    • After a brief spell back home she was readmitted in February and has only just come out again.
    • After she left hospital, she started drinking again, and asked doctors to readmit her in May last year.
    • He improved, but in 1996 he was readmitted to hospital with paraesthesia and leg spasms and was prescribed carbamazepine by a neurologist.
    • The headteacher has told parents in a letter that he decided to readmit both boys after an appeal to the school governors.
    • A week later she was readmitted with similar symptoms and discharge from the right ear.
    • But, following a review of the situation over the weekend, the wards were given the all clear and started readmitting patients on Sunday.
    • I was readmitted to the hospital and finally a hematologist was called in who found that I had a reaction to the blood I had received.
    • One month later, she was readmitted to the hospital with gradually worsening shortness of breath, cyanosis, and one episode of loss of consciousness lasting for a few seconds.
    • Her condition deteriorated and on October 24 she was readmitted to Queen Mary's where staff were surprised at the size of the bedsore.
    • He was readmitted to the hospital and treated with an arthroscopic debridement of the knee on the 11th postoperative day.
    • In November he was readmitted to hospital and put on a ventilator for ten days after doctors suspected the steroids had affected his immune system.
    • But he was readmitted to the hospital and died there two days later.