Traducción de ready-made en Español:


de confección, adj.

Pronunciación /rɛdɪˈmeɪd//ˈˌrɛdi ˈmeɪd/


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    (suit) de confección
    (soup/sauce) preparado
    (sauce/soup) precocinado
    you can buy ready-made curtains puedes comprar cortinas ya hechas / confeccionadas
    • he acquired a ready-made family se hizo de una familia ya formada
    • there are no ready-made solutions no hay soluciones fáciles
    • there you have a ready-made excuse ahí tienes la excusa, no te la tienes que inventar
    • The store also has a small retail component with ready-made frames, prints and beveled mirrors.
    • While the availability of woven textiles increased ready-made cotton or flannel shirts and drawers for urban consumers, hand knitting of socks and stockings continued to be the norm in rural areas.
    • We ordered ours ready-made from a storage supplies catalog, but you could cover plain ones purchased from a crafts store.
    • Choosing their own fabric rather than buying a ready-made drapery also enables homeowners to make coordinating cushions or to cover a chair with the same material.
    • The surprise is that it's so easy to make: You start with an unfinished bookcase - whatever size suits your purpose - and acid a pair of ready-made louvered shutters.
    • For this cost we could have just got a standard ready-made home where our neighbours would be just five metres away.
    • His mother has no alternative, but stitch his clothes as ready-made clothes are not available.
    • In the twentieth century, although traditional made-to-measure tailoring persisted everywhere at higher social levels, the ready-made suit became the standard public costume of the modern ordinary man.
    • For the weight of taking ready-made food, oxygen and water to survive a 1,000 day mission by a six person crew will be 30 tons, which rises to 120 tons when water for washing is added.
    • It's cheaper than buying ready-made jars, can be made in bulk and frozen and you know exactly what the ingredients are.
    • It is to do with thinking about diet and planning money instead of buying ready-made food such as pies and chips.
    • Make sure all ready-made foods are piping hot throughout before eating, as they are also a listeria risk.
    • Patterns are available for women who wish to sew their own, and there are also ready-made ones available, though they are not widely distributed.
    • The preference had been for a ready-made building rather than a green-field site that could have set the operation back a number of years.
    • It was like they were placing an order for a ready-made product.
    • Some of the premium ranges were lower in fat and salt than the standard versions, proving that manufacturers can produce tasty ready-made food with less salt and fat.
    • You're always guaranteed a perfect fit and more often than not, you'll get superior fabric rather than that of a similarly priced, ready-made overcoat.
    • We manufacture the most complete line of standard ready-made mats and custom-cut bulk mats.
    • Every year, thousands of tonnes of perishable goods, from cellophane-wrapped chickens to cardboard-encased ready-made pizzas, end up in the bin.
    • You can buy this ready-made and frozen, and just fry it.
    • And if you were wondering whether there is something better about ready-made pastry to justify its higher price point over frozen, the answer is no.
    • What I wanted was a ready-made snack food that tasted like French fries… and obviously, the package before me proved that this was still and perhaps forever beyond the reach of Science.
    • At least 75 per cent of our salt is found in processed foods such as ready-made meals, some breads and breakfast cereals, meat pies, soups, sauces, and cheese.
    • Also, order a good supply of ready-made frames and small gift items to accommodate last-minute and impulse gift purchases, advised these framers.
    • Manufacturers offer ready-made mantels in a variety of sizes as well as custom-size units.
    • Nowadays there are several ready-made custards available that you could use.
    • The main meal is now eaten in the evening and is likely to consist of frozen or ready-made food.
    • For the same reason we purchase any other ready-made food, says Goudie - convenience.
    • I am proud of my first attempt at real Italian cooking for the simple reason that it did not involve opening jars of ready-made sauce and popping garlic bread in the oven.
    • On some occasions, she said, ‘we not only have to give food to those affected by the virus, but we cook for them and deliver ready-made food.’
    • This company manufactures ready-made garments under several international brands.
    • The hospital - one of the leading cancer treatment centres in the country - was supplied with two types of ready-made meals for a reception vending machine, which have now had to be withdrawn.
    • In fact, I feel strongly that if ready-made cocktails are not going to stick to the classic formula they should choose another name.
    • She's created a portable design center for her ready-made mats, pre-made wood frames and patented deep-beveled faux fillet middles.
    • The ready-made curtains that could adorn the walls of living rooms are an added attraction.
    • Women could even order them ready-made from the company catalogue.
    • Ward against listeriosis by avoiding blue-veined, mould-ripened cheeses, pâtés, ready-made salads and soft-whip ice creams until the birth.
    • Stock your pantry and freezer with soups, meatless burgers, and ready-made pizzas for quick meals.
    • Wrought iron and upholstered furniture, made-to-measure and ready-made curtains and a wide range of fabrics are all found in the company's new brochure.
    • Despite the uncertainties of the crisis, last year was also the time that Mrs Bell branched out into preparing ready-made meals, a venture which she modestly confesses proved a ‘popular success’.