Traducción de realism en Español:


realismo, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɪəlɪz(ə)m//ˈri(ə)ˌlɪzəm/


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    realismo masculino
    • It is not the kindness of this prince's heart but the piercing realism of Machiavelli that has produced this morally preferable outcome.
    • At the heart of Victorian realistic tendencies was the unraveling of the very practice of realism itself.
    • This should come from within the profession if we are to inculcate a sense of realism and ownership in practices in readiness for mandatory incident reporting.
    • He interweaves a Brechtian political parable with naturalist realism.
    • A certain notion of realism began not only to prescribe what could now happen, but to airbrush out what had actually happened.
    • Meanwhile, a number of important African American writers played truant from the school of racial realism.
    • The biological realism of this restricted model is tenuous.
    • Regardless of whether or not one accepts Loach's version of reality, his dedication to realism is laudable.
    • Whenever questioned about the perilous financial predicament he always maintained a sense of diplomacy and realism about the situation.
    • Before we all get too carried away it has to be said that his announcement was guided as much by healthy realism as by altruism.
    • As Jamal Saghir was saying, there's now much more realism about what the private sector can and can't deliver in the developing world.
    • It is generous in its scope, but the generosity is based on long-term realism and the proposition that reform and change is not only necessary, but unavoidable.
    • Although it did cover social issues, they argued that this was merely an inevitable consequence of its commitment to realism, rather than something which they self-consciously set out to do.
    • She has always been interested in colour and composition rather than realism and believes painting to be a subject in itself, a ‘visual experience of mood and atmosphere’.
    • Through discussions with the party he became convinced that post-strike realism would make nationalists accept a deal confined to Northern Ireland.
    • The more you look for details, cues and fakes, the more you add to the realism of the situation.
    • So I want to treat this as a piece of realism rather than the picturesque tradition, which tends to depict an idealised version of English heritage.
    • It's a Cold War story based on a Tom Clancy book, so the locations are plentiful and the political intrigue calls for realism.
    • She also says that students need to balance feeling secure on campus with a sense of caution and realism.
    • It is a statue cast in bronze and shows both realism of style and undoubted symbolic ritual function.
    • Practical realism must dictate that there is no alternative but to maintain status quo on a permanent basis.
    • If we return to the gunshot analogy, we realize why creating sound effects is a perfectly legitimate practice in maintaining realism.
    • In Chandler's famous puff for the superiority of the private eye over the classic mystery, its virtue is said to lie in its greater realism.
    • What we want is the ability to recognise the difference between situations that call for optimism, trying harder, and the situations that call for realism and pessimism.
    • On the other hand, a certain level of realism has turned in.
    • This article is completely atypical in its brutal realism about the situation in Saudi Arabia.
    • It is such responses that put Howard a million miles from the toughness and realism his moral certainties are supposed to carry.
    • Mr Rogers hopes this development may bring a greater sense of realism to a situation which ‘has been as cracked as a dropping pot for at least a decade now’.
    • The irony here is that this series achieves a high degree of realism when it deals with medical and surgical emergencies.
    • The paintings reproduce the photographed features with illusionistic realism while leaving the surrounding heads completely flat.
    • And it gives that movie a certain essence, a certain kind of realism.
    • Mr Douglas has come out with the classic cringe which believes pessimism, or realism as he would no doubt like to call it, is an inherently Scottish state of mind.
    • Yet when assessing the current situation, realism is also required, as well as precision about what is actually taking place.
    • The game strives for a certain degree of realism rather than dazzle, and in that I think it has succeeded.
    • An idealist tempered by realism, Holland was a doer, not a doubter.
    • Adult television has already begun to recognize the public's hunger for fascinating scientific realism.
    • At the same time, the over-exaggeration of torque when taxiing in planes seems to be a developer's nuance rather than actual realism.
    • If the Tories have the courage to take this principled stance and the wit to argue their case coherently, they might well find a resonance in the country, where there is a new, angry mood of realism.
    • Each stroke he made with the brush was incredibly painstaking, because he had to match it up precisely in order to give it a certain amount of realism.
    • The journey from apathy to realism is a long, tedious one.