Traducción de reality TV en Español:

reality TV


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    televisión basada en reality shows femenino
    • Conditions were as far from perfect as reality TV is from entertaining.
    • Even given the current vogue for reality TV, the media have been rather coy in embracing court TV.
    • There is an awful lot of reality TV on television at the moment, I think it has gone mad, there's just so much of it.
    • We need more real reporting and less reality TV shows, and then let's see how deep that rabbit hole is.
    • In other words, Jack's experiences will be as humiliating as anything seen on real reality TV.
    • The only thing that seems to get the majority of young people excited is reality TV and sugarcoated music.
    • One of the criticisms levelled at reality TV is that it is anything but real.
    • Well, it was just a matter of time before reality TV became a serious object of study.
    • What is it about the new crop of reality TV programs that has so many viewers riveted?
    • Trevor Phillips thinks reality TV is a force for good race relations.
    • Well, it provides riveting reality TV without involving a situation that is too artificial.
    • If you take a look at how those survivors of reality TV are being treated, you can see her point.
    • Some would argue that it is the widespread myth that the camera never lies that has kept reality TV alive as a genre.
    • One may wonder why he has decided to attempt this at a time when reality TV is rapidly losing its popularity.
    • They can make something out of nothing, which I guess is the description of reality TV.
    • This is war as reality TV and, as is usual with such programmes, it sometimes doesn't seem quite real.