Traducción de reassemble en Español:


volver a reunir, v.

Pronunciación /ˌriəˈsɛmb(ə)l//riːəˈsɛmb(ə)l/

verbo transitivo

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    (group/people) volver a reunir
    (group/people) reunir
    • The campaign, backed by Labour MP Martyn Jones, will be stepped up in September when Parliament reassembles.
    • As we were waiting for our group to reassemble at the close of the session, a surgeon and nurse were pushing a patient into the hospital.
    • He went on to explain that not only were there plenty of them, with an endless variety of forms and materials, but that they didn't decay so much as fall apart, which was great for reassembling.
    • After a bit more chitchat, our group reassembled and followed the river back downstream.
    • The group will be looking at ways and means to drum up support for the marathon and also organising things for next autumn when the group will reassemble.
    • The mild drum & bass mix gives a sense of fracturing and reassembling, but not to the point where it's disconcerting.
    • We swear never to separate ourselves from the National Assembly, and to reassemble wherever circumstances require, until the constitution of the realm is drawn up and fixed upon solid foundations.
    • When the group eventually reassembled on the boat, we saw large vortices at the surface, some resembling giant whirlpools.
    • After initially performing the piece, the group reassembled just last week to put together this version.
    • Suddenly the school bell rings and the class reassembles 20 minutes later.
    • Fourteen-hundred hours was not long in coming and the group of pilots had reassembled next to their ships to see what the fuss was about.
    • She seemed to know the pace at which to proceed the unpicking and reassembling that is our culture's particular road to wellness.
    • The group reassembled around the monitors once again.
    • We're not sure, but I think what we have to do is follow the terrorist groups as they try to reassemble wherever they are.
    • After a brief break, the group reassembled and began to relay information they had found within the past few days.
    • After a lunch break, we reassemble for the main event, the hypobaric chamber flight.
    • When the Reichstag reassembled, Papen appeared with the red dispatch box which traditionally contained the the orders of dissolution under his arm.
    • The same crowd that was there when the pension was paid out, reassembles to inspect the goods of the trader and to start spending the money.
    • In the domes every glazing bar has been numbered, carefully dismantled, repaired and reassembled.
    • The uproar again started when the House reassembled.
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    (engine/parts) reensamblar
    (parts/engine) volver a montar
    (parts/engine) volver a armar
    (parts/engine) volver a ensamblar
    • But the three-ton machine was so big it had to be dismantled and flown ‘in bits’ by helicopter up to the 2,500 ft work site. It was then reassembled before it could start work.
    • These set boundaries of a sort, but the blocks could, at least in this caricature, be assembled and reassembled in fluctuating patterns.
    • Is it right to take living organisms from nature and then reassemble and reconstruct their most basic structures, possibly with additional synthetic components?
    • They cleaned them, dated them, compared them, catalogued them, took them to bits and reassembled them, mounted them (in the curatorial sense), displayed them and swapped them.
    • The idea is taking an original work, chopping it to pieces and reassembling it in a frequently random fashion.
    • Daniel Libeskind says that the design is ‘fundamentally based on the contemporary world shattered into fragments and reassembled as an emblem of conflict’.
    • A new airport facility will enable cyclists to disassemble and box their bikes on departure, then reassemble them on arrival and ride home.
    • For ease and safety, the students first fitted the frame together on the ground, then took it apart and reassembled it in place.
    • ‘At least one of the classes is an armorer's school where dealers learn to disassemble, reassemble and do minor repair work on certain firearms,’ Spatharos said.
    • All the cars had their doors, tyres and seats removed but properly marked for reassembling.
    • This beautiful passage offers the daring image of an explosion at the heart of the classical language, whose splintered elements the Adam brothers then reassembled in new ways.
    • The Shoin Building, a noble summer house constructed in Japan and reassembled on the island, allows for some interesting viewing.
    • With global recovery efforts well advanced, museum officials say that reassembling the museum collection will be a long but achievable task.
    • There is the reduction in value in the carving up of the thing and a transaction cost that is insurmountable in reassembling it.
    • By first isolating individual strands and then reassembling them back into fibres, chemists make fibres with as few defects as possible, making them much stronger.
    • Last week saw Elaine lose her challenge of dismantling and reassembling a rifle.
    • Each model is unique, and individually disassembled, cut, melted, filed, smashed, then reassembled to replicate a real fender bender.
    • Nelson has digested, reassembled, and constructed a remarkable amount of material to render Harlem Gallery into a text that is newly accessible.
    • Isolate the high-level processes by which she maps complex input and reassembles responses.
    • Visitors get a good idea of how Chinese banks did business through an original banking office, including its floor, that was moved to the site and meticulously reassembled.

verbo intransitivo

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    (group/meeting) volverse a reunir
    (meeting/group) reunirse