Traducción de rebate en Español:


reembolso, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriːbeɪt//ˈriˌbeɪt/


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    (repayment) reembolso masculino
    (repayment) devolución femenino
    (discount) descuento masculino
    overcharged customers will receive a rebate los clientes a quienes se les ha cobrado de más, recibirán un reembolso
    • Second, consumers seem to be using their tax rebates to improve their balance sheets.
    • A total of 20 per cent of this is now allowable in Ireland, but tax rebates are, unfortunately, not a feature of double taxation treaties.
    • You just will not give them the information that they need to decide whether you are entitled to a rent rebate.
    • They've grown addicted to the cash flow from sales fueled by financing and hefty rebates, and they've trained customers to expect a steady diet of the givebacks.
    • Manufacturers sweeten the come-on with customer cash rebates and super-low financing.
    • Best of all, when you buy a cell phone from us and transfer your number, you will still qualify for all of our great rebates and discounts.
    • There is some evidence of capitalist calculations for enclosure decisions; of calculations to assess the capital adequacy of tenants, to determine rent increases and rebates.
    • The industry over builds and offers incentives - discounts and rebates - thereby losing money on each car that never should have built in the first place.
    • Yeo said the government will also extend current schemes for property tax rebates and rental rebates for another year.
    • Utility rebates can be obtained to make the financial deal even sweeter.
    • Municipalities already receive partial rebates on many products deemed to be strictly of a municipal nature.
    • Finally, the presence of utility rebates or other financial incentives tends to skew acceptance of new devices.
    • Nearly a quarter of North Yorkshire County Council's tenant farmers will qualify for rent rebates because they have been directly affected.
    • Incentives involve taxpayer dollars and take many forms, including tax rebates, training services, loans, grants, land and sometimes direct cash payments.
    • You can also see how the National Insurance rebates are calculated in this Inland Revenue leaflet.
    • The difficulty will be that such a tax would be seen as yet another attack on the middle class, who could also face cuts to their pension contribution tax rebates and higher university tuition fees.
    • And because credit unions are run for the benefit of their members, a borrower may get a rebate at the end of the year if the credit union is in surplus.
    • I think I should be able to find something with all or most of the above at about $1300 or so, with sales, discounts, rebates, etc.
    • The loss will also take into account discounts and extra rebates offered to lure customers into buying its products.
    • According to the results, consumer appreciation of promotional offers in the performing arts is more positive when the offers are associated with sweepstakes than when they involve rebates or premiums.
    • Optimism may be sustained for a while by redundancy payments, tax rebates, and by the belief that finding another job will be easy.
    • In the 1990s, utilities across the country paid rebates to customers who retrofitted their lighting.
    • Tax rebates for dividends and capital gains will help reduce the cost of equity for companies in the knowledge sector.
    • Generous tax relief and rebates provide incentives for higher income women to have more children.
    • There could be so much more - tax incentives, rebates, credits, roads, grants, training and so on.
    • Government hopes that federal income tax rebates could kick-start the US economy appear to have been left unfulfilled.
    • Christmas shopping may be over but offers of rebates and discounts at various textile showrooms continue till the New Year.
    • Forced to lay on more cash-back rebates, cheap financing deals, and other costly incentives to try to empty dealer lots, they've seen profits squeezed.
    • Indeed, some one-time factors that had pushed prices down, such as auto rebates and other financing offers, and a war-related drop in hotel room rates, reversed course in May.
    • Thus, if you have directed - or continue to pay - rebates into any old-style pension plans, it may be in your interest to switch these to a low-charging modern plan.
    • If you are on a low income you may be able to claim a rebate on your rent and council tax.
    • The tax rebate cheques issued during the summer should also prove helpful in this regard.
    • Sales catalogues are often heavily financed by these sorts of rebates and discounts.
    • Annual utility rebates crested in 1994 at about $2.7 billion.
    • In particular, we analysed the six fundamental types of consumer promotion: coupons, rebates and refunds, sampling, loyalty and loading devices, sweepstakes, and premiums.
    • My 85 years old mother refuses to claim Pension Credit as she says that she will not be any better off as she will lose her rent and council tax rebates.
    • The 0% financing deals, rebates, and high-cost marketing programs have cut into price margins.
    • I guess they must have great ways to make the money back from the rebate of all goods their customers buy in Hong Kong.
    • That means consumers can expect rebates and cut-rate financing deals to continue and both companies will have to slow down their assembly lines.
    • And even though a flood of rebates and cut-rate financing offers are helping Detroit move inventory, they're coming at a huge cost.