Traducción de rebuff en Español:


Pronunciación /rəˈbəf//rɪˈbʌf/


  • 1

    to meet with/receive a rebuff ser rechazado
    • the party received a rebuff at the polls el partido sufrió un revés en las urnas

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (person/offer) rechazar
    • You know, I can say in response to this column, that for 20 years the Democrats have been rebuffing one part of the progressive agenda after another.
    • At times, the nightclub singer doesn't seem to like it much either, rebuffing the painter, only to fall back into her arms.
    • Its wrath, had it been rebuffed, was potentially catastrophic.
    • Liberal Democrats are often categorised as soft on crime and are used to rebuffing accusations of being soft on terrorism.
    • However even he had given up hope after Ferguson had rebuffed his many attempts at getting him to postpone his retirement.
    • Even recent approaches by the US were rebuffed or sidetracked by the Indonesian government.
    • Clay's efforts to locate and fix her image are rebuffed in a weary kind of manner.
    • After rebuffing him, Gregory alleged, the pundit retaliated by reducing his pay and subsequently firing him.
    • He said the party represented a threat to the country and urged people to reclaim the Republic by rebuffing the party in the elections.
    • For the next two hours, the bold captain stayed below, eating and drinking, rebuffing nervous passengers and becoming more and more brusque and abusive to anyone who remonstrated with him.
    • Kurdish politicians were defiant, rebuffing the Shi'ite alliance's attempts to blame them for the deadlock.
    • The one attempt he makes to talk to her is rebuffed yet he's still stricken to learn she committed suicide.
    • However the department has rebuffed calls to criminalise those who refuse to obey the law.
    • In fact, in a speech spanning an entire four sentences, she dedicated half of it to rebuffing the cynics.
    • Rejecting businesses associated with poor human rights and unfair labour practices lost it £847,000 and rebuffing organisations involved in the production of problematic chemicals cost £688,000.
    • Cooley appeared in person in May to appeal that decision, but his entreaty was rebuffed.
    • The first attempt to storm the parliament was rebuffed by a volley of police tear gas.
    • We tried desperately to obtain such an electoral pact with the Greens before the election, but we were rebuffed on every occasion.
    • Values that embrace social solidarity and participation were indignantly rebuffed by the new culture.
    • A draft Department of Defence letter rebuffing the president was never sent.
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