Traducción de rebuke en Español:


reprender, v.

Pronunciación /rəˈbjuk//rɪˈbjuːk/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to rebuke sb for sth/-ing reprender a algn por algo/+ inf
    • he was severely rebuked for having neglected his duty se lo reprendió seriamente por haber sido negligente en sus obligaciones
    • He immediately went into the circling routine, feeling the material of my jacket and after a lot of tut tutting rebuked me for my cheap shoes which didn't match my suit.
    • Instead, it merely rebuked him for his refusal to co-operate, even as a former MP.
    • So when I went up to them at the counter where the pair were perched on high stools I was rebuked for daring to open my mouth.
    • But the king-maker promptly rebuked him, saying that he didn't want his wife to lose her job.
    • I haven't read the article but have read the outrageous reports rebuking the author.
    • In point of fact, he was rebuked for his support of bringing about a volunteer force, at least considering it.
    • On another occasion a pair of rabbis turned up and rebuked me for placing Jewish children in Christian foster homes.
    • He was criticized, he was rebuked by others in the Pentagon at the time.
    • Britain's largest charity has rebuked Prince Charles for refusing to protect an endangered species of bird at the Balmoral estate.
    • When he was incredibly late at the beginning, the judge rebuked him on that day about being late.
    • Other trade union leaders were also rebuked and reprimanded, with some receiving kicks and punches.
    • He would stare at her, apologising for leaving her on the landing that day, yet rebuking her for her behaviour.
    • But when Jesus turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter.
    • Before rebuking someone, ask yourself, ‘Why am I doing this?’
    • For him it was always the issues that were important, but he was definitely rebuking his old friend, even though he did not name him.
    • This criminal sensed His royalty and rebuked his fellow criminal.
    • As though rebuking her, she felt the sharp prick of a needle on her arm.
    • As she continued to live a western lifestyle, he rebuked her for not being a good Muslim.
    • He did and the judge rebuked him for it, but the point got made.
    • He rebuked the people running the review and said he expected local NHS bosses to ‘engage with local communities’.


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    reprimenda femenino
    • His declaration is the first time a sitting Conservative MP has advocated a complete break with the EU and is sure to provoke a sharp rebuke from party whips.
    • Chelsea flushes at the mild rebuke, though she knows it's only the truth.
    • He had more expected a sharp rebuke for sleeping late, maybe even a none-too-gentle reminder in the form of a hand to his backside.
    • God will often use men to offer a verbal rebuke through prophecy or admonishment before disciplining us.
    • Ahern has delivered several sharp rebukes to his parliamentary party recently.
    • Bear in mind, then, that expressions of regret over the defilement of sacred images are likely to attract rebukes from certain ‘modern’ and ‘spiritual’ types of Westerner.
    • His comments brought a swift rebuke from both state and federal National Party MPs.
    • Now capitalism is receiving severe rebukes, with its critics given powerful evidence that they are right in seeing it as a system that works for insiders and their cronies.
    • I opened my mouth for a sharp rebuke but just then the waitress appeared, bringing our plates of burgers and fries.
    • Under the guise of political virtue, it scolds, berates, rebukes, criticizes, and has a high old time doing it.
    • This rebuke flew in the face of Hamilton's express words in his Report.
    • The Press Council delivered one of its strongest rebukes in its 30 year history.
    • I tried to explain my doubtless feeble joke, but my critic was having none of it, delivering her rebuke and, having had her stern say, ringing off.
    • He also delivered a sharp rebuke to those who argued against the day on profit grounds.
    • I should have been sat in front of the television making mental notes and issuing sharp rebukes to his paper thin justifications for war.
    • I've delivered her a stern rebuke and promised I'll be back to conduct regular inspections.
    • And it delivered not one but two stern rebukes to states over what justices considered unfair procedures for sentencing people to death.
    • Indeed the Academy issued a rare rebuke of the studio for its campaign.
    • The 59-year-old was at the centre of all the wrong publicity six years ago, when his comments about Irish women drew strong rebukes and criticism.