Traducción de rebus en Español:


jeroglífico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriːbəs//ˈribəs/

nombrePlural rebuses

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    jeroglífico masculino
    • Similar to doing a rebus or crossword puzzle, it's a drawing of nine dots, and the challenge is to connect them without lifting the pen from the paper.
    • Designs often took the form of pictorial puns and rebuses, or word puzzles.
    • Just last week one of the words in the rebus puzzle was a cow plus a banjo minus the letter ‘M.’
    • Suppose I have a picture-puzzle, a rebus, in front of me.
    • The bamboo signifies uprightness, as mentioned above; the fungus, or lingzhi, was also thought to contribute longevity and the five bats are a rebus or pun.
    • A rebus is a picture puzzle, and it seemed to click.
    • It's something of a rebus, though perhaps involving more associative skills than your average rebus and doesn't make sense except as a melding of personae.
    • The relaxed conjunction of leaf and slingshot forms a rebus, suggesting the proximity of support and threat in relationships between things - all sorts of things, human, animal and mineral.
    • It may be that the heraldic nature of the squirrel's significance in the painting suggested the rebus like pun to represent the place name.
    • There seem to be puzzles, maybe even a few rebuses or word-games hidden in it too.
    • It's in the form of a rebus and translates to ‘I'm watching you.’
    • An epigraph typically functions as a rebus for an essay, providing a gloss or indicating the author's approach.