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resumen, n.

Pronunciación /ˈriˌkæp//ˈriːkap/


  • 1coloquial

    resumen masculino
    • I consult the episode guide and read the recaps.
    • And if you're wondering why I know so much about a show I barely watch, it's because I read the recaps at one of my favorite websites, Television Without Pity.
    • But a quick recap at the end can go a long way toward ensuring that everyone understands.
    • We'll go to the White House right after a short recap of the news.
    • Both the BBC and CNN International have recaps of the French media response, and they were not good.
    • If you've been watching the show, or reading the recaps, you'll know that there's a new family in town.
    • It seems you can't have a respectable blog these days unless you can make your own comic strips or do funny recaps of TV shows.
    • Do you reckon they'd let me write the recaps on the official site if I apply for the gig next year?
    • So all you people who just read these recaps so that you don't have to actually watch the show, think about that.
    • Here's a quick recap of the six tests used to select the companies.
    • So I missed the speech, but in reading through the recaps and critiques on the news sites, I most likely didn't miss much.
    • For those of you who don't know the full story of Katie and Tom, here's a quick recap.
    • There were no recaps, no synopses of what had gone on before.
    • Most obviously, it implies that we are dishonest; also, it implies that we must be none too smart, since every new term begins with recaps from our profs on the dangers of plagiarism, uncited references and double submissions.
    • I'll give you a quick recap of the events since we landed on the glacier on the 11th.
    • Is it strange that I only read movie reviews after I've seen a film, and only read recaps of television shows that I've already watched?
    • Maybe a recap of non-democratic regimes on this planet is in order.
    • I've got some scrawled notes I took while watching the show, which I will turn into something resembling a recap tomorrow.
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verbo transitivorecapped, recapping

  • 1coloquial

    • I don't usually watch this soap but on Monday the characters very neatly recapped the last two years of their lives and allowed me to enjoy the high drama without having invested anything at all.
    • Is no one able to relate a story without recapping the year that came before it?
    • He was recapping the details of the story he'd been writing.
    • The case, for anyone still unfamiliar with it, can be soon recapped.
    • He began recapping a murder trial he had just testified at.
    • Several employees who witnessed the murder also stayed at home yesterday as the entire community continued recapping the graphic murder, which took place in front of six people on Monday afternoon.
    • John paced around the office, recapping the recent events.
    • Using charts, maps and archive video clips, deputy prosecutor Nice recapped Milosevic's rise to power in the late '80s and early '90s.
    • The review recaps work carried out in key areas like housing, transport and schools since the paper was first launched in 2001.
    • My son recapped the episode to his mother who doesn't watch the show.
    • ‘I guess there'd be no point in recapping everything, then,’ coughed Oskar.
    • In late December, lots of news sources supplement their year-end coverage with stories recapping the news of the year.
    • CNN was recapping the war news that I am sure I read in this morning's papers.
    • They recapped the story of their day to the others and they had a mini party to celebrate Jamie's 18th birthday.
    • In recapping these observations then, I've found there is an optimum time to teach children the letter sounds, the basic code needed for reading.
    • With some hesitation, Cassandra recapped her story for Major Lee: her abilities, her visions, her past, how she had met up with us… Everything.
    • Just the day before the child had spent nearly four taxing hours at the Criminal Investigations Department recapping the whole sordid affair.
    • The poem begins with a summary, recapping the most noble of mythical events that have passed throughout the ages of man, bringing civilization into existence and to the point where the story is about to be told.
    • Then Walter Cronkite, in his gray suit, recapped it all on the nightly news.
    • To recap: the union passed a law in June that forces mobile phone companies to slash highly-lucrative roaming fees.
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verbo intransitivorecapped, recapping


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    shall I just recap briefly? ¿hago un resumen rápido?
    • to recap para resumir