Traducción de recce en Español:


reconocimiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈrɛki/



  • 1

    reconocimiento masculino
    • During the recce, the helicopter would land on one of the islands used in aircraft bombing missions.
    • Plans are dependent on securing suitable locations and there will be a preliminary recce in November, with shooting scheduled for the second half of next year.
    • Our first visit in November was largely as a recce and investigation of possibilities.
    • After extensive recces across Britain, we were stunned by the richness of possibilities at home.
    • At low tide such hidey-holes are usually visible and it's a good idea to have a recce before the estuary begins to fill again.
    • We'd throw a rope round a tree and the children would dash off along the towpath for a recce while the adults threw together a little light salad and uncorked a local rosé.
    • Our general attitude was to do what we could - the boss would go out on a recce and line up jobs for us, keeping us busy.
    • Their parents often bring them in for a recce in the October holiday week.
    • When I first went out to New York to do a recce for ‘Changing Lanes’, I stumbled upon a very unprepossessing restaurant.
    • But after five minutes or so, when it hadn't died down, I went for a recce.
    • A brief recce of the room that I believed would serve to be my home until the following morning revealed more worrying signs.
    • Sources said the firm, which recently sent a team of officials to Thailand on a recce, is keen on the country.
    • We cruise past the Cloister Gardens and Station Yard car park and Special Constables Mark Cook and James Fry brave the cold to do a quick recce around the abbey but all is quiet.
    • It's been a while since our last recce of the hardware sites.
    • He did a quick recce and said that there was nobody queueing, and argued, correctly, that most of the passengers appeared to be either watching a film or working on their laptops.
    • As my caving kit was already up the hill, and having spent yesterday doing a surface recce, I was first in line for a trip underground.
    • Matt Holland said: ‘This time yesterday, when we came to do a recce of the site, it was pouring with rain.’
    • Admittedly, I haven't done a thorough recce of the building.
    • After a quick recce and an enjoyable evening in the hotel bar, I headed back to my room in the knowledge that I was not in Malta merely to relax - I was here to dive.
    • Every day a team led by an assistant engineer from each ward does a recce of roads in its jurisdiction.
  • 2coloquial

    vistazo masculino coloquial
    to go on a recce ir a echar un vistazo coloquial