Traducción de receipt en Español:


recibo, n.

Pronunciación /rɪˈsiːt//rəˈsit/


  • 1

    recibo masculino
    to make out a receipt hacer un recibo
    • could I have a receipt please? ¿me podría dar un recibo, por favor?
    • He just gives you a small receipt printed out by computer.
    • Save your receipts and each evening write down your expenses for the day.
    • Get in the habit of regularly shredding statements, receipts, credit card applications, and other material with personal identification information.
    • Watch out for errors on your accounts by keeping good records: hang on to all your receipts and ATM slips and check every statement carefully.
    • Sometimes I think I'm broke and then I'll find a €50 note nestling between a taxi receipt and an ATM statement.
    • Then there's his gripe about having to pay a €125 deposit for his broadband service and not receiving a receipt to acknowledge that he's coughed up.
    • These records are equivalent to the till receipts you are given when shopping in the physical world.
    • Check your receipts against your statements carefully.
    • Therefore, if you paid cash, a receipt may be the only proof you have.
    • Having a set place to put your monthly bank statements, receipts, and bills can make the difference between chaos and order.
    • Shredding your statements and receipts is also a good way to protect yourself from ‘bin raiders’, who piece together personal financial information from your rubbish.
    • Still another computer scans the debit card information, tells the cashier's computer that the transaction is complete, and prints a receipt.
    • You will receive a receipt and acknowledgement by return.
    • To his surprise, the agent wrote him a receipt for the cash and stamped it.
    • Customers then place their order, print off a receipt and return home.
    • Shred or rip up all financial documents (including all receipts, statements, bills and junk mail) before disposal.
    • A single mother from Stratton is warning people to check their receipts and bank statements after she was charged twice for the same items.
    • All collectors will carry appropriate identification and official receipts will be provided.
    • Check your statements against your receipts and contact your bank or credit card company immediately if you spot anything unfamiliar.
    • In some parts of the country, criminal gangs will pay homeless people to rummage though dustbins for receipts and bank statements.
    • Then something like a receipt or a statement came out of the machine and she took ages reading it before reinserting her card and doing the same again.
  • 2

    recibo masculino
    recepción femenino
    please acknowledge receipt of goods por favor acuse recibo de la mercancía
    • we are in receipt of your letter of April 16 obra en nuestro poder su carta del 16 de abril
    • we telephoned immediately on receipt of their letter llamamos en cuanto recibimos su carta
    • Upon receipt of your instructions we will write to the debtor demanding payment of the outstanding sums.
    • Elderly people in receipt of a mobility allowance are being seriously disadvantaged when they reach the age of 65 years, it has emerged this week.
    • As a councillor, I have been in receipt of hundreds of letters from the local community expressing their concerns at the condition of our roads.
    • I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 29th May 2003 and comment as follows.
    • After receipt of the equalization payment she will not have a need for support.
    • We acknowledge receipt of your letter of 7th February and reply as follows.
    • Those in receipt of social welfare are eligible.
    • The number of people of employable age in receipt of incapacity benefit for longer than six months has quadrupled - from half a million in 1981 to two million in 2002.
    • The result is that the total number in receipt of the benefit has risen.
    • More than 50,000 low-income households are in receipt of such financial support, funded by the Department of Social and Family Affairs.
    • He has not yet even had the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my letter.
    • The closing date for receipt of applications is Tuesday, August 5 at 5pm.
    • Talk of a large population of children growing up in welfare dependent homes can be misleading if it ignores the fact that most families in receipt of a benefit do not remain on that benefit for extended periods.
    • Closing date for receipt of completed applications is Friday, November at 12 noon.
    • The fact that the employee is dismissed while in receipt of his contractual sick pay does not make the termination automatically unfair.
    • My decision with respect to costs shall be reserved pending receipt of written submissions from the parties.
    • Employers must retain records in respect of each employee in receipt of taxable benefits.
    • The closing date for receipt of entries will be Friday December 6, 2002.
    • Grants to improve heating and insulation of property are available to pensioners in receipt of pension credit or attendance allowance and anyone receiving a disability living allowance.
    • At present there are about 271 members contributing to the scheme, with approximately 1,100 in receipt of a pension.
  • 3receipts plural

    ingresos masculino
    entradas femenino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (invoice/bill) poner el sello de 'pagado' en
    • It is a receipted bill (dated 21 August 1817) from Bennets Hotel in Inverness.
    • Only correctly receipted invoices will be acceptable in support of a claim for grant assistance.
    • Confirmation letters will be sent on receipt of booking and receipted invoices will be sent on receipt of payment, which must be made before the event.