Traducción de recently en Español:


recientemente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈris(ə)ntli//ˈriːsntli/


  • 1

    they've recently returned from abroad han vuelto recientemente del extranjero
    • recently he's been much better recientemente / últimamente / de un tiempo a esta parte ha estado mucho mejor
    • as recently as two days ago hace apenas dos días
    • as recently as the 1980s todavía en los años 80
    • have you seen them? — not recently ¿los has visto? — recientemente / últimamente no
    • I had never even heard of him until quite recently hasta hace bien poco ni siquiera había oído hablar de él
    • One of our local pubs has recently closed down after having had ten licensees in five years.
    • Take a look at the top end of Barkerend Road and see how many houses have come on to the market recently.
    • Dean recently lost his job in a sports shop and applied to join the fire service.
    • I have recently had hip surgery and my doctor has told me I cannot travel for a while.
    • Until recently these institutional reforms were to be the only items on the agenda.